The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Beloved Maltese


Introduction: Taking Care of Your Beloved Maltese

Maltese dogs are famous for their luxurious appearance, but don’t let their delicate looks fool you. These pups are full of spirit and adored by all, regardless of their preference for larger breeds. To ensure that your Maltese stays lively and energetic, it is essential to provide them with the utmost care. This includes proper training, exercise, grooming, and, most importantly, a nutritious diet that will keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

Maltese-Specific Dietary Guidelines

To find the best dog food for your Maltese, it is crucial to consider their unique dietary requirements. While you should always avoid certain ingredients in any dog food, it becomes even more important to cater to the specific needs of Maltese dogs.

Sensitivity Matters

Some Maltese dogs have sensitive stomachs, requiring you to be observant of their digestion, overall health, and identifying ingredients that may cause trouble. Opting for foods fortified with probiotics can help alleviate digestive issues, making them an excellent choice for Maltese dogs.

Picky Eaters

Unlike some breeds that devour anything that resembles food, Maltese dogs can be quite selective when it comes to their meals. They won’t hesitate to refuse anything they find unappetizing. Fortunately, most individuals have distinct preferences, allowing you to choose foods tailored to their liking.

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Battle Against Obesity

Considering the Maltese’s small size, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial. Even a few extra calories each week can quickly accumulate for a Maltese, leading to obesity. It’s important to select foods that are mindful of portion sizes to prevent weight gain.

Joint Health Support

Maltese dogs are prone to joint problems, often associated with their susceptibility to obesity. Opting for foods fortified with chondroitin and glucosamine can help prevent and repair any damage, promoting long-term joint health.

Dental Care Matters

Maltese dogs often face dental issues. Dry kibble is generally preferable as it keeps their teeth cleaner compared to wet foods, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, premium dry food often includes special teeth-cleaning properties.

Healthy Coat, Happy Dog

Maintaining the trademark coat of a Maltese requires proper care both internally and externally. Alongside regular grooming, ensuring they receive sufficient omega-3 fatty acids is crucial for a healthy coat and skin. Insufficient omega-3 fatty acids can lead to itchy skin, making it vital to include them in their diet.

The Top 11 Best Dog Foods for Maltese Dogs


While numerous foods claim to be suitable for your Maltese, there are select options recognized as the best by experts in the industry. We have reviewed the top 11 dog foods perfect for your beloved Maltese. Take a look at the following recommendations to find the ideal option that suits your pup’s unique preferences and needs.

1. Raised Right Original Turkey Recipe

  • Quality: Made with human-grade ingredients prepared in USDA-inspected, human-food facilities.
  • Features: Gently cooked to preserve flavor and nutrients, customizable to your dog’s size and activity level, delivered to your doorstep for ultimate convenience, and meets AAFCO nutrient profile.
  • Options: 11 recipes available, including Original Turkey, Beef & Pumpkin Paté, and Original Chicken.
  • Ingredients: A delectable mix of turkey thighs, organ meat, and nutritious produce.
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2. Ollie

  • Quality: Supreme fresh-food customized to your Maltese’s specific requirements.
  • Features: Real meat as the first ingredient, free from artificial colors or flavors, and a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Options: Fresh Beef, Fresh Chicken, Fresh Lamb, and Fresh Turkey recipes available.
  • Ingredients: A customized blend based on the Fresh Chicken Recipe.

Continue reading the complete list of recommended dog foods on the Hook’d Up Bar and Grill website.