Making Authentic Southwestern Pozole Rojo

Welcome, cooking enthusiasts and chefs! Today, we embark on a culinary adventure to create an authentic Southwestern dish – Pozole Rojo. I am Tiny Still, your guide from Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, and I am excited to bring this flavorful recipe to your kitchen.

Making Authentic Southwestern Pozole Rojo
Making Authentic Southwestern Pozole Rojo

Getting Started

Pozole Rojo is a delightful soup that starts with pork as its base. At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we recommend using country-style short ribs. These ribs are perfect for stewing as they offer a mouthwatering combination of flavor and meatiness. Place the ribs in a pot and cover them with water, creating a stock-like liquid. To add depth to the flavor, we suggest combining chicken stock with water in a ratio that suits your taste preferences.

Handling Chilies

Now, let’s tackle the exciting part – working with chilies. We understand that dealing with chilies can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to ensuring safety. To handle them safely, it’s best to wear gloves. First, soak the chilies in boiling water for about an hour to soften them. Once softened, remove the seeds from the chilies and transfer them to a blender.

The Flavorful Paste

In the blender, we combine the softened chilies with garlic, onion, and a splash of the chili soaking liquid. Blend until you achieve a savory, bright red paste. The aroma will captivate your senses, creating anticipation for the rich flavors that await you.

Infusing the Broth

Returning to the pot, the broth should now be simmering. Skim the impurities and excess fat from the surface using a ladle. To enhance the flavors, add sliced garlic, dried oregano (preferably Mexican oregano for an authentic touch), and a pinch of salt. The oregano adds a distinctive flavor, creating a delightful layer of taste.

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Bringing It All Together

Now, it’s time to add the chili paste to the simmering broth. Carefully pour it in, transforming the broth into a vibrant mixture. Stir gently, allowing the flavors to harmonize. As the aroma fills your kitchen, you’ll know that the Pozole Rojo is well on its way to perfection.


Q: Can I use a food processor instead of a blender?
A: Yes, a food processor can be an alternative if you don’t have a blender. While it may not be as speedy, it will still get the job done.

Q: Can I use regular oregano if I can’t find Mexican oregano?
A: Absolutely! Regular oregano will work just fine if you can’t find Mexican oregano. It will still add that necessary layer of flavor to your Pozole Rojo.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed Part 1 of our Southwestern Pozole Rojo journey. In the next video, we will continue by adding the pozole and finishing the dish with the cooked pork, resulting in a delightful culinary masterpiece. Stay tuned for the next installment of our epic cooking adventure.

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