Low Sodium Hoisin Sauce

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It’s simple to create a batch of homemade hoisin sauce using common ingredients readily available in your pantry!

Glass jar of Homemade Hoisin Sauce with black and white napkin, red peppers, white spoon, and chopsticks.

Why this recipe is effective

This recipe for gluten-free hoisin sauce surpasses store-bought options in both taste and quality.

Feel free to use this homemade sauce for spring rolls, stir-fries, and other Asian-inspired dishes.

What exactly is hoisin sauce?

Hoisin sauce is a thick sauce frequently used in Asian cuisine.

Traditional hoisin sauce is created using soybean paste, similar to miso, or fermented black bean paste.

However, this specific homemade hoisin sauce recipe utilizes gluten-free soy sauce or tamari sauce, which is much more accessible.

Its flavor profile is a delightful balance of spiciness, sweetness, and saltiness. In Chinese cooking, it is employed as a stir-fry sauce and as a meat glaze.

I particularly enjoy using it as a dipping sauce for my Turkey Asian Meatballs and Asian Style Gluten Free Meatballs Recipe.

It is also a significant ingredient in the sauce for my Best Gluten Free General Tso Chicken Recipe.

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Overhead shot of glass jar of hoisin sauce with black and white napkin, red peppers, white spoon, and chopsticks.

How to create homemade hoisin sauce

You will be astounded by how effortlessly you can whip up this gluten-free hoisin sauce recipe!

  1. Place the ingredients in a small saucepan and whisk to combine.

  2. Heat the mixture over medium-low heat until the honey has melted, occasionally whisking the sauce.

  3. Remove the homemade hoisin sauce from the stove and let it cool.

  4. Store the sauce in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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Feel free to use it as a dip or glaze for meats in your preferred Asian dishes.

Creating a gluten-free hoisin sauce

Soy sauce: Opt for a low sodium gluten-free soy sauce. Alternatively, tamari sauce is also gluten-free and makes a suitable substitute.

Closeup of a white spoon dipping into a glass jar of hoisin sauce with black and white napkin, red peppers, and chopsticks in the background.

Can hoisin sauce be made sugar-free?

Indeed, this recipe can be modified to be sugar-free and keto-friendly. Instead of honey, try using Swerve Sweetener or Swerve Sweetener, Brown.

Adjust the quantity to suit your taste—start with 3 tablespoons and add more if desired.

The brown sugar version adds a lovely, deep flavor to the sauce.

Cooking substitutions

Vinegar: This version suggests using white vinegar, as it is typically found in most pantries.

If you prefer a more traditional taste, consider using 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar. Alternatively, cider vinegar can be used as a substitute.

Honey: Don’t have honey on hand? You can use agave nectar, maple syrup, or molasses instead.

Spice: Enhance the authenticity of the sauce by adding 1/2 teaspoon of Chinese five-spice powder.

Chili sauce: For a spicy kick, replace chili sauce with sriracha or your favorite hot sauce, red chili sauce, chili paste, Chinese hot sauce, or Thai chili sauce.

Tahini: The inclusion of tahini paste in this recipe adds thickness to the sauce.

If you don’t have tahini, replace it with 3 teaspoons of sesame oil. Avoid using peanut butter, as it has a distinct flavor different from tahini and sesame oil.

White spoon in a glass jar of homemade hoisin sauce with black and white napkin, red peppers, and chopsticks.

Hoisin sauce cooking tips

Is the sauce too thin? Add a cornstarch slurry to thicken it.

  1. In a small bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of water until it forms a smooth slurry.

  2. Add the slurry to the saucepan while the sauce is still warm.

  3. Whisk until the sauce thickens. If the consistency is not to your liking, repeat the process with another tablespoon of cornstarch.

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What to serve with hoisin sauce?

Certainly, you can pair hoisin sauce with traditional Asian dishes. However, why not try it with:

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What’s your favorite recipe to use hoisin sauce in?