Louisiana Wing Sauce: A Tasty Pepper Sauce Alternative


Welcome back, everyone, to another Hot Sauce Review. After my hiatus, I’ve come across some new sauces, including a brand I haven’t reviewed since early 2020: Louisiana. While their sauces were decent before, they didn’t stand out. Today, we’ll see if their Wing Sauce breaks the mold. Let’s dive in.

Ingredients and Aroma

For those unfamiliar, the original Wing Sauce consisted of Frank’s Red Hot and an equal amount of butter, melted together to coat wings. So, what’s in this Wing Sauce? It contains aged peppers, distilled vinegar, soybean oil, sugar, salt, and less than 2% of xanthan gum, citric acid, and natural flavors.

Upon opening the bottle and taking a whiff, the aroma of aged peppers and a hint of vinegar fills the air. As expected, it exudes a simple yet distinctive pepper sauce scent. But does the taste match up?

Flavor Profile

The flavor of Louisiana Wing Sauce aligns closely with traditional pepper sauce. Although I don’t have original Louisiana sauce on hand, combining it with Frank’s Red Hot makes for a pretty similar taste. The vinegar’s refreshing acidity hits your taste buds for a fleeting moment before the robust flavor of aged peppers takes over. Since there are no other additives to enhance the taste, it follows a straightforward evolution. The substitution of soybean oil for butter eliminates the buttery undertones typically found in wing sauce. This may disappoint those seeking an authentic wing sauce experience.

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However, don’t despair. Louisiana Wing Sauce still holds its own and reminds me of Frank’s Red Hot, a staple in my fridge. It pairs well with my Ultimate Dipping Sauce and complements Half-Sour Pickle slices perfectly.

Heat Level

Louisiana Wing Sauce pours smoothly from its wide-neck bottle, owing to the oil and xanthan gum in its composition. Even though I may have gone overboard with my pouring and added some spicy pickles on the side, the sauce’s spiciness remains reasonably balanced. It’s on par with other off-the-shelf sauces and won’t overwhelm you. If you’re accustomed to “regular” hot sauces, there’s no need to fear this one.

Final Verdict

Considering my expectations of a wing sauce, Louisiana Wing Sauce falls short. While it possesses a fine flavor and an appropriate level of heat, it resembles more of a standard pepper sauce than a wing sauce. This distinction may seem minor, but it does exist. However, don’t let that deter you from trying it out. It works well on various dishes, such as eggs, chicken, potatoes, and even mixed into a burger sauce.

Where to Find Louisiana Wing Sauce

You can conveniently purchase Louisiana Wing Sauce at your local grocery store, just like I did.

So why wait? Add some Louisiana Wing Sauce to your pantry and give your taste buds a tangy twist.

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