Scrappy Delights: Discovering the Magic of Jen Kingwell’s Quilt Recipes

If you’re an avid quilting enthusiast like me, I have an exciting project to share with you – the mesmerizing book, Quilt Recipes, by Jen Kingwell. Overflowing with twelve vibrant quilt patterns, this scrappy masterpiece has truly ignited my creative spirit. Jen’s unique style and impeccable craftsmanship never fail to inspire me. When I first caught a glimpse of the Winki Stars quilt, I couldn’t wait to dive in, get my hands on those alluring patterns, and experience the joy of quilting all over again.

Scrap quilt pattern ideas from Jen Kingwell

A Palette of Eclectic Brilliance

To bring these dazzling patterns to life, I eagerly explored a delightful range of pastels and washed-out hues. Surprisingly, I found myself gravitating toward the color purple, which isn’t typically a part of my sewing repertoire. However, these prints somehow found their way into my fabric stash, harmoniously complementing the rest of the palette. With every fabric selection, a world of endless possibilities unfolded before me. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I embarked on this newfound quilting adventure.

Pastel fabrics for a modern quilt

Embracing the Art of Hand-Piecing

Equipped with the acrylic templates that accompany the book, I eagerly pieced together a couple of blocks during my travels. Hand-piecing had become a distant memory for me – a skill I had learned from my mother as a curious 12-year-old. In those days, the allure of machine piecing had overshadowed the tranquil nature of hand-piecing. However, a class I attended with Jen at the Fat Quarterly Retreat several years ago reminded me of the pure joy and relaxation it brings.

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New book Quilt Recipes by Jen Kingwell

I was pleasantly surprised by the soothing qualities of the hand-piecing process and its lack of intimidation. The acrylic templates made tracing and cutting precise pieces a breeze, ensuring accurate seam allowances and intersections. To my delight, the stripes in one of the blocks seemed to align effortlessly – a delightful accident that added an extra touch of serendipity to the quilt.

Hand-pieced quilt blocks Diary of a Quilter

Unveiling the Marvels of Quilt Recipes

Let me introduce you to Quilt Recipes by Jen Kingwell – a visually stunning hardcover book that flawlessly merges the art of quilting with lifestyle photography. As you flip through its mesmerizing 184 pages, you’ll discover twelve exquisite quilt patterns meticulously crafted in Jen’s signature scrappy style.

Quilt photography Quilt Recipes

Whether you prefer rotary cutting and machine piecing or the charm of template cutting and hand piecing, this book has something to offer every quilting enthusiast. Each unique pattern showcases Jen’s impeccable attention to detail and her ability to create quilts that seamlessly blend tradition with a quirky twist.

Jen Kingwell Quilt Recipes pattern book

For those who fall in love with any of the projects, acrylic templates are available for six of the patterns, making it even more convenient to embark on your quilting journey.

Acrylic Templates for quilt pattern by Jen Kingwell

Indulge in an Artistic Feast

What sets this book apart is its inclusion of eight cherished dessert recipes handed down through generations in Jen’s family. It’s a delightful fusion of scrappy quilting and mouthwatering treats, making it a truly captivating addition to any quilting library. Moreover, the hardcover design makes it a stunning coffee-table book, perfect for showcasing the beauty of quilting to all who enter your home.

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Quilt Templates Jen Kingwell

Where to Find Quilt Recipes

If you’re as eager as I am to embark on this scrappy quilting adventure, you can find Quilt Recipes at your local quilt shop, or explore online options such as Etsy and the Fat Quarter Shop. For international readers, you can order directly from Amite Textiles or Jen Kingwell in Australia. And for the convenience of a few clicks, the hardcover book is also available on Amazon.

So why not treat yourself to the joyous exploration of Jen Kingwell’s Quilt Recipes? With each stitch, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of scrappy delights, where tradition and creativity intertwine to create masterpieces that will warm your heart and home.

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