Celebrate National Burger Day with Amazing Deals

If you’re a burger lover, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible deals available on National Hamburger Day and National Cheeseburger Day. These food holidays are the perfect opportunity to indulge in mouthwatering burgers at discounted prices. Don’t worry if you missed last year’s deals; we’ll give you a sneak peek of what to expect this year.

National Hamburger Day: May 28

National Hamburger Day, celebrated on May 28 each year, is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious burger. While the true origins of this American classic are debated, it’s widely believed that the hamburger as we know it was invented in Connecticut in the 1900s. Here are some highlights from last year’s deals:

Arby’s: Free Burger Coupon

From May 28 to June 1, 2023, Arby’s offered a fantastic deal. When you ordered a burger online through their website or app, you received a coupon for a free burger on your next visit.

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Buffalo Wild Wings: Boneless Wings Deal

Buffalo Wild Wings treated customers to a special offer on National Hamburger Day. With the purchase of a burger, you could get 6 boneless wings for just $1, saving you 89.2%.

Burger King: Free Hamburger

Burger King gave us a reason to celebrate by offering a free Whopper with any $1 purchase. This deal was available on their app or website, making it easy to enjoy a tasty burger without breaking the bank.

The Habit Burger: Combo Meal Discount

The Habit Burger delighted customers with a two-burger combo meal for only $20. This incredible deal included two charburgers, two fries, and two drinks, offering a 15% discount on the usual prices.

Hooters: Build Your Own Burger

Hooters allowed you to customize your own burger for only $9.99 during the National Hamburger Day celebration. With a variety of toppings and condiments to choose from, creating your perfect burger was a breeze.

Red Robin: BOGO 50% Off

Red Robin Royalty members were treated to a special offer. Throughout National Hamburger Month, including National Hamburger Day, members enjoyed a buy-one-get-one-50%-off deal on their delicious burgers.

Smashburger: Four Burgers for Only $20

Gather your friends and head to Smashburger for an unbeatable deal. On National Hamburger Day, you could get four mouthwatering burgers for just $20, a discount of 30.5%.

Wayback Burger: BOGO Classic Burger

When you visited Wayback Burger, you could take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free offer on their Classic Burgers. This deal was available through their app, allowing you to enjoy double the deliciousness.

Wendy’s: Junior Bacon Cheeseburger for $0.01

Wendy’s made National Hamburger Day even more special by offering a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger for just $0.01 with any purchase. This amazing deal saved you 99.7% on the regular price.

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National Cheeseburger Day: September 18

Mark your calendar for September 18, National Cheeseburger Day, and get ready to indulge in cheesy goodness. Legend has it that the first American cheeseburger was created in 1926 in Pasadena, California. Join the celebration with these exciting deals:

Applebee’s: Classic Burgers for $8.99

Applebee’s treated customers to a special deal on National Cheeseburger Day. Classic Burgers, including the Classic Burger, Classic Cheeseburger, and Classic Bacon Cheeseburger, were available for just $8.99, offering discounts of up to 35.8%.

Bar Louie: 50% Off All Burgers

Bar Louie participated in the National Cheeseburger Day festivities by offering a fantastic deal: 50% off all burgers at participating locations.

BurgerFi: Premium Cheeseburger for $3

BurgerFi delighted customers with a Premium BurgerFi Cheeseburger for just $3 when you purchased a Coca-Cola Freestyle drink. This discount of 72.7% was available only on September 18 and could be claimed online or in-person.

Burger King: Free Cheeseburger & More

Burger King Royal Perks members were in for a treat on National Cheeseburger Day. Starting with a free cheeseburger with any $1 purchase, the celebration continued with a week of incredible deals, including free Whopper Jr., discounted Whopper meals, and more.

Carl’s Jr.: 50% Off Double Cheeseburgers

Carl’s Jr. My Rewards members enjoyed a generous 50% discount on cheeseburgers all day on September 18. This exclusive offer was available through the app, allowing you to save big on your favorite burgers.

Dairy Queen: Free Original Cheeseburger

Dairy Queen celebrated National Cheeseburger Day by giving customers a free single Original Cheeseburger with a $1 purchase. This irresistible offer made indulging in cheesy satisfaction even more enjoyable.

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Dog Haus: Discounted Burger Coupon

Texting “CHEESEBURGER” to 883-440-1110 rewarded you with a coupon for a $5.99 burger at select Dog Haus locations. This incredible deal allowed you to enjoy their mouthwatering burgers at a 52.8% discount.

Farmer Boys: Big Cheese for $3

On September 18, Farmer Boys offered their Big Cheese burger for only $3 from 2 p.m. to close. This discount of 49.9% was available for a limited time, so make sure to mark your calendars.

Krystal: $1 Cheese Krystals

Krystal celebrated National Cheeseburger Day with $1 Cheese Krystals. These delicious mini cheeseburgers were available at a 47.1% discount through the Krystal app and website.

McDonald’s: Double Cheeseburger for $0.50

McDonald’s Rewards members enjoyed a fantastic deal on National Cheeseburger Day. A Double Cheeseburger was available for just $0.50, offering an amazing 82.7% discount. This offer could only be claimed through the McDonald’s app.

Smashburger: $5 Classic Singles

From September 18 to 20, Smashburger treated customers to $5 Classic Singles when using the code “CLASSIC23” on their website or app. This incredible offer gave you a 30.4% discount on their mouthwatering classic burgers.

Wayback: BOGO Free Classic Burgers

Visit Wayback Burger on September 18 for a buy-one-get-one-free offer on their Classic Burgers. Whether you dine-in, order online, or use their app, you’ll enjoy double the deliciousness.

Wendy’s: $0.01 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy’s brought back their National Hamburger Day deal by offering a $0.01 Junior Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase. This irresistible offer saved you 99.7% on the regular price.

White Castle: BOGO Free Cheese Sliders

White Castle joined the National Cheeseburger Day celebrations by offering customers a buy-one-get-one-free deal on their Cheese Sliders. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy double the cheesy delight.

Get ready to satisfy your burger cravings on National Hamburger Day and National Cheeseburger Day. These amazing deals are a must-try for any burger lover. So mark your calendars and get ready to indulge! And for more information about the delicious offerings at “Hook’d Up Bar and Grill,” visit their website here.