The Mysterious McBrunch Burger: McDonald’s Best-Kept Secret

McDonald’s is renowned for its delectable breakfast offerings, as well as its exceptional lunch, dinner, and dessert options. However, the fast-food behemoth has yet to conquer the realm of brunch… or so we thought.

Thanks to the viral sensation TikTok, we now have an inkling that McDonald’s might possess a hidden gem known as the McBrunch Burger. Astonishingly, this elusive treat is purportedly available for a limited time each day.

Over the years, whispers about this enigmatic secret menu item have occasionally circulated. However, it was TikTok food personality Tommy Winkler who breathed new life into these rumors when he ordered the McBrunch Burger and shared an enthusiastic review through an engaging video.

Tommy’s video commenced with a “Stitch” from popular TikToker @theglasssniper, who had previously posted his own review of the McBrunch Burger in 2022. Tommy, known for his captivating “What I eat in a day” videos, quickly amassed a substantial following on social media.

Despite our best efforts, McDonald’s remained tight-lipped when reached out for comments regarding the McBrunch Burger. However, through the power of social media, we have managed to glean some intriguing tidbits about this clandestine creation.

So, are you ready to uncover the secret? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Fusion of Breakfast and Lunch in One Sandwich

@theglasssniper, in his TikTok video, described the McBrunch Burger as a double cheeseburger featuring eggs and hash browns. However, the sandwich he received surprisingly lacked eggs, replacing them with sausage instead. He rated the burger a 6.5 out of 10.

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On the other hand, when Tommy ordered his McBrunch Burger at a local McDonald’s, he received a Sesame bun stuffed with two cheeseburger patties, bacon, hash browns, and eggs. Due to the restaurant’s temporary shortage of scrambled eggs, they substituted it with an egg white. Tommy relished every bite and gave it a resounding thumbs up.

Imagine how much more exciting it would be to indulge in the McBrunch Burger along with McDonald’s tantalizing new Sweet & Spicy Jam, their first-ever “breakfast-inspired” dipping sauce.

The McBrunch Burger — AKA The Mc10:35

A sandwich with dual identities? Now that piques our curiosity! The secret menu item, commonly known as the McBrunch Burger, also goes by another moniker—the Mc10:35.

Back in 2013, Consumerist shed light on the Mc10:35, describing it as a brilliant amalgamation of the “McDouble and Egg McMuffin.” The concept gained popularity when individuals in San Francisco began combining their beloved Egg McMuffins and McDoubles, ingeniously incorporating the egg and bacon from the McMuffin into the McDouble.

A year later, a Reddit user shared their experience with the Mc10:35, and a McDonald’s employee promptly refuted the notion of it being an officially designated “secret menu” item. According to them, the restaurant can create any combination of food by utilizing their condiments and meats in unconventional ways—provided customers ask for it. Nevertheless, they admitted that the term “secret menu” hadn’t been heard of among their colleagues.

A Fleeting Culinary Delight

When does breakfast start and lunch end? The answer remains a mystery to most. According to McDonald’s breakfast hours, breakfast is typically served until 10:30 or 11 a.m., local time. Prior to March 2023, McDonald’s offered all-day breakfast, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the temporal availability of the McBrunch Burger, which makes its brief appearance between these mealtime transitions. This unique characteristic is also the reason behind its alternate name, the Mc10:35.

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The McBrunch Burger: A Treat That Won’t Break the Bank

Both TikTokers emphasized that the McBrunch Burger comes with a wallet-friendly price tag of $5. It’s an excellent brunch option without causing undue strain on your finances.

Another Secret Menu Surprise Confirmed by McDonald’s

Are you planning a birthday celebration or simply have an unwavering love for cake? Look no further than McDonald’s, as they offer delightful birthday cakes. In 2021, fans of the fast-food giant went into a frenzy when it was confirmed that McDonald’s sells chocolate cakes adorned with white frosting and a charming picture of none other than Ronald McDonald himself.

Although these delectable cakes are not part of the official menu, not all McDonald’s locations keep them in stock. So, you might need a hint of luck to savor this sweet delight.

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