Is Pho Keto-Friendly?

Pho is a beloved Vietnamese dish, widely known for its flavorful broth and aromatic spices. But for those following a keto diet, the question arises: Is Pho keto-friendly? Sadly, the answer is no. Traditional Pho is made with rice noodles and often contains added sugars in the broth, making it unsuitable for a keto lifestyle. However, fear not! With a little creativity and planning, you can still enjoy a delicious bowl of keto-friendly Pho right at home.

Unveiling the Essence of Pho

Pho, pronounced as “fuh,” is a Vietnamese word meaning soup or broth. Originating from the Chinese term “fành,” which denotes boiling something down until concentrated, Pho comes in two main varieties: beef noodle Pho and rice vermicelli Pho. The former is typically served as an appetizer, while the latter is a lunchtime favorite. Both versions are incredibly flavorful and were once a personal favorite of mine before I embarked on a keto journey.

Deciphering the Keto-Friendliness of Pho

As with many recipes, Pho has evolved over time, with each cook adding their own flair. However, certain key ingredients remain constant. Let’s explore the components of traditional Pho and determine their keto-friendliness.

The Ingredients Puzzle

The main ingredients in traditional Pho include beef stock, white onion, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, coriander seeds, cloves, sirloin steak, palm sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce, rice noodles, scallions (spring onions), red chili, Thai basil, and lime. While some of these ingredients align with a keto diet, others pose challenges.

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Cracking the Broth Mystery

Traditional Pho broth is perfect for keto enthusiasts, as it lacks the sugars commonly found in modern store-bought or restaurant-made versions. Many Vietnamese restaurants in the United States even incorporate rock sugar into their broth, inadvertently adding hidden carbs. However, there is an ongoing debate surrounding the keto-friendliness of soy sauce. Although low in carbs, some argue that its quality may be compromised due to potential wheat and gluten by-products. For those adhering to a clean or strict keto lifestyle, opting for coconut aminos as a soy sauce substitute when cooking at home is recommended.

The Thorny Issue of Rice Noodles

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room — rice noodles. With approximately 25 grams of carbs per 100 grams, rice noodles are undoubtedly not keto-friendly. Even if you opt to have Pho without noodles, you run the risk of knocking yourself out of ketosis. Therefore, it’s clear that Pho, as traditionally prepared, is not suitable for a keto diet.

However, apart from the aforementioned ingredients, the remaining components of Pho are keto-friendly. But don’t fret! We have you covered with a keto Pho recipe that will satisfy your cravings without compromising your dietary goals.

Is Pho Without The Noodles Keto - Pho Keto

Pho without Noodles: A Keto Option?

If you find yourself dining out and have ample carb allowance, you might be able to enjoy Pho without the noodles without jeopardizing your ketosis. However, we do not recommend this approach for those committed to a keto lifestyle. On the other hand, if you follow a low-carb diet, Pho without noodles could be a viable option.

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Analyzing the Nutritional Value

Pho without the noodles is naturally low in carbs, but it could also be low in fat, which might not make it ideal for a keto diet. To maintain a ketogenic state, it is crucial to adhere to the recommended macros, with 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. For a traditional keto diet, carb intake should not exceed 20 grams per day. Depending on your keto approach, whether it’s lazy, dirty, or strict, tracking macros becomes essential, especially when it comes to sugars.

To remain within the desired carb range, opt for low-carb and healthy foods that rank low on the glycemic index. This approach avoids blood sugar spikes that may disrupt ketosis. If you’re new to the keto lifestyle, our keto diet guide for beginners provides comprehensive information to get you started.

Navigating Pho Choices in Restaurants

When dining out and seeking a keto-friendly Pho experience, it’s best to reach out to the restaurant in advance. Creating traditional Pho can be a time-consuming process, often taking up to 12 hours. By contacting the restaurant beforehand, you can inquire about the use of sugar in their Pho. If sugar is present, they might be willing to prepare a sugar-free portion for you. Alternatively, you can ask about the quantity of sugar used and calculate whether it fits within your macros. In place of noodles, consider requesting extra bean sprouts as a replacement.

is pho keto friendly - is pho broth keto friendly

Homemade Keto Pho: A Flavorful Delight

If you want to indulge in keto Pho while avoiding the limitations of traditional versions, why not try making it at home? This simple recipe can be prepared using a slow cooker, an instant pot, or even a regular pan for those without fancy gadgets. Allow me to share our tried and tested keto Pho recipe with you.

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Best Noodles for Homemade Keto Pho

The noodle choice is up to personal preference. You can try spiralizing courgette (courgetti) or explore the delightful option of Shirataki noodles (also known as Konjac noodles). Made from glucomannan, a type of fiber derived from the konjac plant’s root, Shirataki noodles require no cooking. The heat from the broth will sufficiently cook these translucent noodles. Additionally, extra bean sprouts can provide a satisfying crunch. Alternatively, you can even experiment with Pho without noodles to evaluate if they are truly missed.

Exploring Pho Variations

For an exciting twist, consider experimenting with different protein options in your Pho. While not traditional, chicken or pork can be delightful alternatives. For vegan keto enthusiasts, replace fish sauce with coconut aminos and swap out meat for tofu in your recipe.

Pho Keto FAQs

  • Can I eat Pho without noodles on keto?

    • While it’s technically possible, it’s not recommended for those strictly following a keto lifestyle.
  • Is Pho a clean keto option?

    • Traditional Pho is not inherently clean keto, but with the right substitutions, you can enjoy a steaming bowl of Pho that aligns with your dietary needs.

Final Thoughts: Embrace Keto Pho

In conclusion, traditional Pho is not keto-friendly due to its reliance on rice noodles and the potential inclusion of added sugars. However, with a few modifications and mindful ingredient choices, you can savor a comforting bowl of Pho without compromising your keto goals. Whether you decide to savor it in a restaurant or get creative in your kitchen, the delightful flavors and rich aromas of Pho can still be a part of your keto journey. Enjoy the journey, and bon appétit!

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