Little Caesars Shakes Up Pizza Prices After 25 Years

Pizza lovers, brace yourselves! Little Caesars, the popular pizza chain, is making a historic change by raising the price of its iconic Hot-N-Ready pizza for the first time in a quarter-century. This move is aimed at striking a balance amidst rising labor and commodities costs, as the price of pepperoni has skyrocketed by over 50% during the pandemic.

A New Slice of the Pie

The promotional Hot-N-Ready pizza, introduced in 1997, has long been cherished by pizza enthusiasts across the nation. However, due to the current economic climate, Little Caesars has made the decision to adjust the price. The upgraded version of the Hot-N-Ready pizza, now priced at $5.55, will offer an extra treat: a whopping 33% more pepperoni, as reported by Forbes.

Adapting for Growth and Quality

Little Caesars CEO, Dave Scrivano, expressed that franchisees were enthusiastic about this change. Their dedication to providing customers with the best experience and product possible played a significant role in embracing the price adjustment. Scrivano is confident that Little Caesars’ innovative features, such as delivery options, the Pizza Portal, and the beloved Hot-N-Ready pizza, will continue to drive overall growth for the company.

Navigating Change Successfully

Little Caesars had a remarkable year in terms of sales in 2021, and this was partially due to strategic decisions made prior to the pandemic. By implementing changes in 2019 that allowed for a contactless experience, such as the convenient Pizza Portal, customers were able to enjoy a safe and hassle-free pizza purchase. Moreover, the addition of delivery services just before the onset of the pandemic further contributed to the brand’s success.

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Overcoming Challenges

To overcome supply chain pressures, Little Caesars has the advantage of owning Blue Line Foodservice. Additionally, the company has taken proactive steps to address labor shortage and retention issues faced by other brands. Little Caesars has increased wages across the board, offering flexible schedules and growth opportunities, which has helped maintain a robust workforce.

Staying Ahead in a Competitive Landscape

Little Caesars’ decision to increase the quantity of pepperoni on their pizzas is not only a response to rising costs but also a strategic move to remain competitive in the evolving food industry. With the growth of delivery and contactless options, Little Caesars is committed to meeting customer expectations and staying relevant. Furthermore, the brand is using platforms like TikTok and sponsoring the highly anticipated movie “The Batman” to engage with a wider audience. Expansions are also on the horizon, with plans to target specific markets in 2022, including the Northeast, parts of Texas, the Southwest, Russia, the UK, Latin America, and Canada.

As Little Caesars embarks on this new chapter, customers can still count on their favorite Hot-N-Ready pizza, now with an even more generous serving of pepperoni. So gather your friends, grab a slice, and experience the satisfaction that only Little Caesars can deliver!

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