Innovative Seafood Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test: Hook’d Up Bar and Grill Review

Seafood lovers rejoice! In our quest to enhance the cooking experience, the team at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill has put five seafood kitchen gadgets to the test. Our design expert, Dan, with 39 years of experience, has meticulously examined these gadgets to find ways to make them better. Join us as we explore the effectiveness, usability, and potential for improvement of these innovative tools.

Innovative Seafood Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test: Hook'd Up Bar and Grill Review
Innovative Seafood Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test: Hook'd Up Bar and Grill Review

Testing the Skinzit Fish Skinner

Skinzit Fish Skinner

The Skinzit Fish Skinner promises to effortlessly remove the skin from fish fillets. However, our expert found the gadget less than satisfactory. While it removed the skin, it often resulted in mangled fillets. Dan suggests a redesign with a more pronounced top flare and enhanced ribs for a better grip and stability. With a rating of two out of five, we believe this gadget has room for improvement.

Assessing the Clam Shucker

Clam Shucker

Next up, the Clam Shucker aims to help you open those stubborn clams. Unfortunately, our expert found this gadget to be wobbly and not very effective. Dan suggests rethinking the wedge shape to provide better leverage and stability. Additionally, an adjustable base or a lower wedge position would help accommodate smaller clams. With a rating of one out of five, we recommend exploring other options for shucking clams.

Evaluating the Lobster Shears

Lobster Shears

The Lobster Shears attempt to make snipping through lobster tails a breeze. These unique shears designed for a pulling motion proved quite effective in our tests. Dan recommends some minor adjustments to the finger area to accommodate all fingers comfortably. With a rating of 4.5 out of five, these shears are a useful addition to any kitchen, especially for lobster lovers.

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Testing the Tuna Press

Tuna Press

The Tuna Press claims to efficiently squeeze the liquid out of a can of tuna. However, our expert found it no more effective than using the can lid itself. With a rating of one out of five, we suggest exploring alternative methods or simply using the lid of the can.

Reviewing the Oyster Shucker

Oyster Shucker

Lastly, the Oyster Shucker aims to make shucking oysters safer. While the knife itself was well-designed and easy to use, our expert found the housing unnecessary and the gadget lacking stability. Dan suggests a redesign with improved protective features and a bed that conforms to the oyster’s shape. With a rating of 2.5 out of five, there is room for improvement to make this gadget more reliable.


  1. Are these gadgets recommended for beginners?
    While some gadgets may require practice and technique, they can be used by beginners with patience and care. It’s important to manage expectations and understand that these tools may not provide a flawless experience right away.

  2. Can these gadgets be used for other types of seafood?
    While these gadgets are primarily designed for specific seafood tasks, they may be adaptable for other seafood preparations. Experimentation and creativity are always encouraged in the kitchen.

  3. Where can I purchase these gadgets?
    You can find these seafood kitchen gadgets, along with other kitchen essentials, at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill online store.


In our review of these innovative seafood kitchen gadgets, some proved to be disappointments while others showed promise. It is essential to manage expectations and consider alternative methods when investing in such tools. At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we strive to bring you honest reviews and recommendations to enhance your cooking experience. Stay tuned for more insights and exciting updates from our expert team!

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