The Path to Lower Undead Burg: Uncovering New Horrors in Dark Souls Remastered

Video how to get to lower undead burg

Dark Souls Remastered is a game renowned for its challenging and intricate world. One of the areas players must navigate is the Lower Undead Burg, a treacherous district filled with danger and valuable treasures. In this guide, we will explore an alternative approach to reaching Lower Undead Burg, ensuring you are prepared for the trials that await.

A Shortcut Unveiled

To initiate your journey to Lower Undead Burg, return to the notorious Hellkite Dragon’s bridge. Recall the locked door situated at the bridge’s inception. With the newly obtained Basement Key in your possession, you can now unlock this door, revealing a hidden tower. Descend the ladder, emerging into the open air. Your eyes discover a tall staircase to the right. Ascend it, and upon reaching the top, you unveil a convenient shortcut between Lower Undead Burg and the first bonfire in Upper Undead Burg. Rest at the bonfire, then return to the steps, ready to continue your descent.

Descending Into Danger

As you progress down the next flight of stairs, three ferocious dogs assail you. Take your time, moving cautiously, and neutralize them individually. Once you have dealt with these hounds, leave the stairs behind, turning right to venture down the alley. From behind one of the doors, you hear a desperate cry for help. If you possess the Residence Key obtained from the Undead Merchant in Upper Undead Burg (the Master Key won’t suffice here), you can release the captive individual. This man, known as Griggs of Vinheim, expresses his gratitude by relocating to Firelink Shrine, where he becomes a valuable sorcery spells merchant. Before leaving the room, thoroughly investigate by rolling around and breaking the barrels to uncover hidden treasures.

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Navigating the Village

Continue your perilous journey in the opposite direction, traversing the village. Beware of assassins lurking within closed doors, ready to ambush you when you pass a specific point. Though they may not pose an immediate threat individually, their collective presence can prove troublesome. These adept knife throwers can also inflict poison with their blades, adding an extra layer of danger. Thoroughly explore each open door as you advance, ensuring you don’t miss any valuable loot. Before reaching the fog door, three additional assassins and two dogs must be overcome.

Unlocking Vital Shortcuts

Since the boss lurking beyond the fog door is a formidable foe, creating a nearby shortcut to Firelink Shrine becomes a crucial consideration. Instead of immediately entering the fog door, descend the stairs situated to the right. Follow the path until you come across a raised door on your left. Step inside and ascend the tower, finding yourself back in the aqueduct. Take a moment to glance to your right, spotting an Undead Merchant. This aqueduct conveniently leads back to Firelink Shrine. Rest and recharge there before venturing forth to confront the challenging boss that awaits.

The Capra Demon’s Challenge

Prepare yourself for the daunting confrontation with the Capra Demon. This particular battle presents an additional difficulty: two ferocious dogs accompany the demon. As you pass through the fog door, swiftly sprint toward the stairs on your left, reaching the narrow ledge above. Dispatch the dogs from this advantageous position, then patiently await the demon’s approach. At the opportune moment, leap down to the ground, ready to face the demon head-on.

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Two viable strategies emerge. The first involves allowing the demon to descend, prompting you to quickly retrace your steps up the stairs, attempting a plunging attack or employing ranged Fireball attacks. Alternatively, you can choose to engage the demon directly. With the exception of the demon’s overhead swing, which can prove fatal, you can effectively block the demon’s other attacks.

The Key to Progression

Triumph over the Capra Demon, and your reward will be the Key to the Depths. This key opens a door positioned across from the entrance leading back to the aqueduct. Now you have a crucial decision to make.

To directly proceed to the Depths, head through that door. Alternatively, you can explore the numerous other paths that await adventurers in this vast and intricate world. The choice is yours, as you embark on a thrilling journey of exploration and discovery.

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