How to Unlock Burger Ability in Ability Wars

Are you ready to level up your game in Roblox’s Ability Wars? Exciting new badges have been introduced, and every player is eager to unlock the coveted Operator and Grocery badges. While these badges can only be obtained by completing specific quests, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make it a breeze.

The Thrilling World of Ability Wars

Ability Wars is a thrilling combat-based game that landed on the Roblox server on December 16, 2021. With an impressive 13.9 million players and counting, this real-time fighting extravaganza lets you unleash your powers and battle it out against other players.

Recently, a new update was rolled out, and many players managed to obtain the Operator badge without completing all ten missions. However, this was due to some bugs in that specific version of the game. Rest assured, the developers have resolved these issues, and from now on, you’ll need to tackle all the tasks to achieve this coveted badge.

So, let’s dive into the steps required to obtain both the Grocery Shopping and Operator badges.

How to Acquire the Grocery Shopping Badge

To earn the Grocery Shopping badge, you’ll need to embark on an adventure within the game. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Use your static ability to locate the cave and extract a pizza from within.
  2. Drop the pizza by pressing the backspace key on your keyboard.
  3. Activate your plant ability and uncover the hidden burger, stashed underground.
  4. Take the burger and pizza, then employ the gravity ability to ascend and collect the cake.
  5. It’s worth noting that, currently, this method predominantly works for PC players, but future updates may extend this privilege to mobile players as well.
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If you prefer a visual demonstration, watch this video tutorial for a step-by-step guide on obtaining the Grocery Shopping badge.

Grocery Badge Tutorial

Unleashing the Power of the Operator Badge

The Operator Badge is a prestigious achievement that requires completing ten missions. Follow these steps to add this badge to your collection:

  1. Begin your mission by purchasing or obtaining any item available inside the house. For instance, you can grab a refreshing juice for just ten punches.
  2. Next, seek out a player who is inactive (or AFK) and deliver a powerful punch that sends them into the void.
  3. Discover the hidden backrooms located in the corner of the cave area. Slide down and enter the mysterious backroom.
  4. Utilize your boomerang ability to eliminate a player. Aim for those who are standing on the edge of the playing area.
  5. Unleash the power of the cake ability by blowing a player away. To acquire the cake, use gravity to reach the highest area and select it from there. Now, either push someone into the cake or place it in a crowded area.
  6. Prepare for an out-of-this-world journey by seeking out gravity users and hitch a ride to the Moon. This ability requires two players working together.
  7. Conquer a formidable boss, such as the Mushroom King, Cat, or Dog. These bosses take around 15 to 25 minutes to spawn. Joining a small server is an effortless way to defeat the mushrooms and claim victory.
  8. Infect seven players with the potent Hivemind ability. To obtain this ability, become a minion when the leader infects more than five users. Don’t forget, it also requires over 4000 punches.
  9. Confuse and conquer your opponents by deploying a robot clone in a crowded area.
  10. Lastly, amass 300 souls with the Devourer ability to complete the final mission.
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After each successful mission, you’ll have a brief cooldown period of 200 seconds to catch your breath.

Discover More Exciting Adventures

Now that you have the insider knowledge on unlocking the Burger and Operator abilities in Ability Wars, get ready to dominate your opponents and showcase your prowess. Don’t forget to check out our other articles, like “How To Get New Void Crystals In Bedwars Roblox,” for more gaming tips and tricks.

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