How to Create an Irresistible Puerto Rican Mofongo

Welcome to an exciting culinary adventure at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill! Today, we are diving into the vibrant flavors of Puerto Rico as we learn how to make the mouthwatering Puerto Rican Mofongo.

How to Create an Irresistible Puerto Rican Mofongo
How to Create an Irresistible Puerto Rican Mofongo

Unveiling the Art of Mofongo

Mofongo, a classic dish from Puerto Rico, is a delicacy that captures the essence of the island’s rich culinary heritage. It might seem intimidating to recreate this iconic dish at home, but fear not! We have an expert chef, Sergio Romo Lena, ready to guide us through the process.

The Foundation: Green Plantains

The base of the Mofongo lies in the green plantains. The key is to select firm and slightly green plantains with a touch of brown. Peel them, slice them into quarters, and then cut them into 1-inch pieces.

Perfecting the Frying Technique

To achieve the desired texture, heat your oil to around 325-350°F and fry the plantains for approximately seven minutes. The goal is to cook them thoroughly without browning them. Canola oil or olive oil will do the trick, and if you’re feeling fancy, you can even mix them.

Crafting the Garlic Paste

While the plantains are frying, let’s prepare the garlic paste. Crush garlic cloves with olive oil, creating a smooth and homogenous paste. This step is crucial as it adds depth and flavor to the final dish.

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The Heart of Mofongo

Once the plantains are cooked and golden, it’s time to bring the Mofongo together. In a mortar or a large bowl, combine the fried plantains, bacon, crushed garlic paste, pork rinds (chicharrón), and a sprinkle of chicken stock. Use a pestle or your hands to mash and mix the ingredients until they form a cohesive mass.

Infusing Flavors and Texture

Mofongo allows for endless variations and personal touches. It serves as a canvas for a plethora of flavors, bringing Puerto Rican cuisine to life on your plate. Experiment with different fillings like octopus or other proteins, and pair it with a simple salad of tomatoes, lettuce, and onions.

Serving Mofongo at Its Finest

In Puerto Rico, Mofongo is typically served as a standalone dish, topped with the desired ingredients of your choice. At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we offer a classic recipe, but feel free to let your creativity soar. Don’t forget to garnish with fresh herbs and a touch of decadent chicharrón for a tantalizing visual and textural experience.


Q: Can I reuse the oil used for frying the plantains?
A: Yes, you can reuse the oil as long as it is not overheated. This will help maintain its quality and allow for future culinary endeavors.

Q: Can I modify the Mofongo recipe to suit my preferences?
A: Absolutely! Mofongo is a versatile dish that welcomes creative adaptations. Feel free to experiment with different fillings, herbs, and seasonings to make it uniquely yours.


Puerto Rican Mofongo is a culinary masterpiece that combines simple ingredients to create a symphony of flavors. With the guidance of Chef Sergio Romo Lena, you can now embark on your own Mofongo-making journey. So gather your ingredients, channel your inner chef, and create a memorable dining experience at home. Visit Hook’d Up Bar and Grill for more delectable recipes and culinary inspiration!

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