The Art of Pizza Packaging

Pizza has become a beloved favorite among takeaway and delivery options in the UK. With over 6,000 businesses dedicated to serving up this delicious dish, the pizza market is estimated to be worth a staggering £3.24 million. It’s no wonder that approximately 5 billion pizzas are sold each year, making it a go-to choice for many hungry Brits. Among the various components that contribute to a successful pizza experience, the pizza box plays a crucial role.

The Perfect Packaging Solution

Our pizza boxes come in three main designs: classic brown, Italian-inspired, and a simple red design. These disposable pizza boxes are available in sizes ranging from 7″ to 18″, and they are designed to accommodate take-out or delivery orders. Made from kraft corrugated cardboard, they are available in both printed and plain options.

Sustainable and Functional

Not only are our pizza boxes environmentally friendly and sustainable, but they are also durable and functional. Made from compostable and biodegradable materials, these boxes are perfect for transporting hot food while minimizing your ecological footprint. With their double-skinned construction, they ensure that any grease from the pizza won’t leak through for a significant period of time. Additionally, the tight-fitting clasp flip lid helps to retain the pizza’s heat, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Beyond Pizzas

While our pizza boxes are ideal for pizzas, they are also versatile enough to be used for other takeaway and delivery food items. From cold food gift boxes for chocolates and brownies to flatbreads and fruit boards, these sturdy boxes can handle anything you throw at them. They have even found a purpose beyond the food industry, as they are commonly used as postal boxes via Royal Mail for various purposes.

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Choosing Your Perfect Pizza Box

Here are some top tips to consider when choosing the right pizza box for your needs:

  • Measure the diameter of your food carefully to ensure it fits perfectly.
  • Don’t forget about side orders. Smaller brown pizza boxes work great for accompanying dishes.
  • Plain pizza boxes are not limited to pizzas alone; they can be used for various types of food, such as sharing platters.
  • The depth of the pizza boxes remains standard across the industry.


What are the different sizes of pizza boxes available?

The size of the pizza box varies depending on the size of the pizza it needs to accommodate. Our current sizes range from 9 to 18 inches, with the option of designs or plain boxes.

What distinguishes a pizza box from a pizza slice?

A pizza box is designed to hold an entire pizza and is primarily used for takeaways and deliveries. On the other hand, a pizza slice is perfect for catered events like weddings and birthdays, where individual slices are served. You can find pizza slices with a simple design on the bottom of our pizza boxes page.

What exactly is a pizza box?

A pizza box is the ultimate food storage solution for pizzas. Made from rigid cardboard with vents and secure clips, these boxes provide protection during transportation. They originated in the 1950s, with Dominos being one of the pioneers.

How many people can a pizza box feed?

The number of people a pizza box can feed depends on the size of the pizza. As a general guideline:

  • 10” pizza: 2-3 people
  • 12” pizza: 3-4 people
  • 14” pizza: 3-5 people
  • 16” pizza: 5-6 people
  • 18” pizza: 6-7 people
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What materials are pizza boxes made from?

Most pizza boxes are crafted from three layers of corrugated brown cardboard, which are folded and cut to create a rigid structure. The final pizza box is essentially a flat-pack version that can be easily assembled.

Can pizza boxes be microwaved?

No, pizza boxes are not suitable for microwave use. Since they are made of cardboard, microwaving them would pose a fire hazard. It is best to heat the pizza separately in the oven and use the box solely for transportation purposes.

How many pizza boxes come in a pack?

Pack sizes typically range between 50 and 100, depending on the size of the pizza box. Larger inch pizza boxes often come in smaller quantities.

What are the most popular pizza toppings?

Pepperoni takes the crown as the world’s most popular pizza topping, with sausage coming in as a close second.

At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we prioritize bringing you top-quality pizza boxes to enhance your takeaway or delivery experience. While we do not currently offer food delivery bags specifically designed for pizza boxes, we do provide a range of complementary products such as pizza tripod supports, large carrier bags, pizza greaseproof liners, pizza slice packaging, and aluminum foil. Visit our website today at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill to explore our full range of food containers, disposable cutlery, and cake boxes. Order before 9 pm Monday to Friday for next day delivery, and don’t forget, free delivery is available for orders over £100 (excluding VAT). If you need any further assistance, our friendly customer services team is just a phone call away at 0115 9444434.

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