Food Delivery Rider in Singapore Earns S$865 in 2 Days: A Glimpse Into the Physically Demanding Job

The Lucrative Yet Challenging World of Food Delivery

Working as a food delivery rider not only offers flexibility but can also be financially rewarding. A recent Facebook post shared the incredible success story of a Foodpanda rider in Singapore who reportedly earned an impressive S$865.32 in just two days. While the figures may seem enticing, it’s important to understand the physical demands and hard work that come with the job.

Unveiling the Salary of a Food Delivery Rider

The viral Facebook post shed light on the daily earnings of the rider. Over the span of two days, he managed to accumulate a staggering S$865.32, averaging around S$432.50 per day. Contrary to the notion that food delivery riders have a “lowly job,” the OP argued that it is an honest and laborious profession that should be respected.

In his post, he emphasized that food delivery can be an option for those who are unemployed or seeking to supplement their income. However, the job also comes with specific requirements, such as owning a car or bike and being a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

Awe-Struck Netizens and Words of Admiration

The Facebook post quickly went viral, leaving netizens in awe of the rider’s impressive earnings. Earning close to S$1,000 within such a short timeframe certainly caught everyone’s attention. Some individuals even contemplated a career change after witnessing the rider’s success.

Curious about the effort required, one user questioned the number of hours the rider had worked to achieve such earnings. In response, the OP shared a screenshot indicating that he had worked over 12 hours on December 11th. Netizens praised his dedication and hard work, acknowledging that earning more than S$400 a day takes immense effort.

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Inspiring Diligence and Hard Work

The rider’s perseverance and dedication deserve acknowledgment and serve as an inspiration to others. Regardless of the line of work, his story encourages Singaporeans to put in the hard work required to achieve their goals. The journey towards success may be demanding, but the rewards can be substantial.

If you’ve been contemplating a change or searching for ways to boost your income, the food delivery industry might be worth exploring. Just like this Foodpanda rider, you too can experience the financial benefits that come with hard work and endurance.

Remember, success often requires pushing beyond our comfort zones and embracing opportunities that may initially seem unconventional. So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, forge ahead, and create your path to success.

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