Gnocchi Showdown: Pro Chef vs Home Cook

We bring you an exciting culinary battle between a professional chef and a home cook. Get ready to discover two unique takes on the classic Italian dish – gnocchi. In this face-off, we have Chef Saul, armed with $301 worth of ingredients, and Daniel, the home cook, armed with a mere $14 worth of ingredients. Let the competition begin!

Gnocchi Showdown: Pro Chef vs Home Cook
Gnocchi Showdown: Pro Chef vs Home Cook

The Battle Begins

Chef Saul is all about high-quality ingredients and intricate flavor profiles. His vision includes handmade gnocchi made from russet potatoes, OO flour, and farm-fresh eggs. He plans to elevate the dish with a lamb shank and wild mushroom ragu, accompanied by a mint gremolata. With an arsenal of ingredients like dry porcinis, maitakes, and morels, and a nice Chianti to set the mood, Saul is ready to create a culinary masterpiece.

On the other hand, Daniel takes a minimalist approach. With ingredients commonly found in his pantry or local store, he aims to prove that simplicity can still yield fantastic results. Using pre-packaged potato gnocchi, arugula, ricotta, basil, cherry tomatoes, and garlic, Daniel intends to make arugula-ricotta gnocchi with cherry tomato and garlic confit, topped with smoked mozzarella.

The Cooking Process

As the battle unfolds, both chefs dive into their respective recipes. Daniel starts by blanching the arugula to remove any bitterness and enhance its vibrant green color. He then blends it with fresh ricotta, olive oil, salt, and pepper to create a luscious puree for his gnocchi.

Meanwhile, Chef Saul guides Daniel on transforming the potatoes into gnocchi. After baking the potatoes, Daniel rices them using a tool called a ricer, ensuring a smooth and fluffy texture for the gnocchi dough. He combines the riced potatoes with OO flour, egg yolk, Italian sea salt, and nutmeg to form a delicate dough. Using a gnocchi board, Daniel shapes the dough into individual gnocchi, perfecting his technique with each one.

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Chef Saul, on the other hand, takes Daniel’s store-bought gnocchi to the next level. He enhances its texture and taste by transforming shredded mozzarella into a smoked mozzarella using a smoker. This extra step adds a delightful smoky flavor to the dish.

As the battle continues, both chefs bring their ragu to life. Chef Saul reinforces his homemade lamb stock by cooking it again with a medley of vegetables, coppa, and a trio of fancy mushrooms. The result is a rich and flavorful base for his lamb shank and wild mushroom ragu.

Daniel, resourceful as ever, fortifies his vegetable stock using the leftover scraps from his prep. With diced vegetables, coppa, and an array of mushrooms, including morels, maitakes, and dry porcinis, Daniel infuses his ragu with depth and earthiness.

The Finishing Touches

With the gnocchi cooked to perfection, it’s time to add the final touches. Chef Saul shows off his mint gremolata, a blend of chopped mint, pine nuts, olive oil, lemon zest, and lemon juice, which brightens and complements the flavors of his dish.

In contrast, Daniel opts for a basil-infused olive oil as a garnish for his gnocchi. By briefly frying basil leaves in olive oil, he creates a fragrant and vibrant addition to his dish.

The Verdict

Finally, the moment of truth arrives as both chefs present their creations. Chef Saul’s dish showcases a plate of handmade potato gnocchi adorned with a rich lamb shank and wild mushroom ragu, all finished with the refreshing mint gremolata. Daniel’s dish boasts arugula-ricotta gnocchi topped with a cherry tomato and garlic confit, smoked mozzarella, and a crispy fried basil garnish.

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The tasting begins, and the chefs are eager to hear each other’s verdicts. Chef Saul is pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness of Daniel’s dish, which he finds incredibly flavorful despite its simplicity. Daniel, too, is blown away by the depth of flavor in Chef Saul’s dish, impressed by the tenderness of the lamb and the variety of mushrooms used.

In the end, both chefs have created remarkable dishes that celebrate the versatility of gnocchi. Whether it’s the complexity of Chef Saul’s creation or the ingenuity of Daniel’s recipe, one thing is clear: gnocchi can reach new heights in the hands of talented chefs and home cooks alike.


Q: What is the difference between handmade and store-bought gnocchi?
A: Handmade gnocchi offers a unique texture and flavor, as it allows for more control over the ingredients and techniques used. Store-bought gnocchi, while convenient, may not have the same level of quality and customization.

Q: Can I substitute ingredients in gnocchi recipes?
A: Absolutely! Gnocchi is a versatile dish that can be customized to suit your preferences. Feel free to experiment with different types of potatoes, flours, and fillings to create your own signature gnocchi.

Q: Is making gnocchi difficult for beginners?
A: While making gnocchi requires some practice, it is definitely achievable for beginners. The key is to handle the dough delicately and not overwork it. With patience and the right techniques, anyone can master the art of gnocchi-making.


In this thrilling gnocchi showdown, both Chef Saul and Daniel showcased their culinary skills and passion for the craft. From the intricately crafted flavors of Chef Saul’s handmade gnocchi to the simplicity and genius of Daniel’s dish, it is clear that gnocchi has endless possibilities.

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Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, these recipes serve as inspiration to experiment, try new flavors, and make your mark in the culinary world. So grab your aprons, embrace the art of cooking, and let the gnocchi battles begin!

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