Freeze Dried Skittles: A Delightful Treat in Just 6 Hours

For the past three months, I’ve been experimenting with my freeze dryer, trying out different items. And let me tell you, there’s one treat that always stands out: freeze dried Skittles. They are absolutely incredible!

When I first attempted making freeze dried Skittles, I scoured forums and websites searching for the perfect technique. Luckily, I stumbled upon a fantastic tip that can get these delectable treats into your mouth in just 6 hours, shaving off at least 15 hours from the usual instructions. And now, I’m going to share it with you!

My family has been snacking on these delightful treats regularly for the past few months. I have to admit, I need to control myself. But it’s hard when the freeze dried Skittles turn out super cute and are so much fun to package up and share with friends and neighbors. No matter how you choose to package them, they’re guaranteed to be a hit.

DIY Freeze Dried Skittles: What You’ll Need

  • Freeze Dryer: To create this heavenly goodness, you’ll need a freeze dryer. I highly recommend the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, preferably with the oil-free pump. The oil-free pump is not only quieter but also eliminates the need to buy and change the oil in the unit. While the oil-free pump is more expensive, it’s definitely worth it.

  • Skittles: I firmly believe that the more Skittles, the better. In my freeze dryer, I can fit five trays, so I typically fill up all five trays with Skittles. At Walmart, you can find 50 oz. bulk size bags of Skittles, and I usually buy two or three bags. Any flavor is great, and one bag can fill up two trays.

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Freeze Dried Skittles

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Make Freeze Dried Skittles

Keep in mind that this is the insider-secret way to make freeze dried Skittles. There’s no need to wait 20 plus hours when you can have them ready in just 5 to 6 hours!

Step One: Freeze Dry Something Else, First

Yes, you heard that right! Complete an entire cycle of anything else your freeze drying heart desires. For example, you can freeze dry shredded cheese or diced ham, both of which are great additions to your food storage.

Step Two: Open the Drain Valve, Take It Out, and Add “More Dry Time”

Once the cycle is complete, open the drain valve and remove the trays of food from the freezer if they’re done. Then, click “add more dry time” to continue the process.

Step Three: Add Trays of Skittles to the Freeze Dryer

Skittles do not need to go through an entire freeze drying cycle. That’s why you add them at the end, only for drying. This saves you hours and hours of waiting time. Fill up the trays until there’s barely any space left. It’s fine if some of the Skittles overlap; just make sure they don’t exceed the rim of the trays. In my Harvest Right freeze dryer, one 50 oz bag of Skittles fills at least one and a half trays, or even two complete trays.

Some of the Skittles may stick together when they are close, but they’re easy to separate once the process is complete.

Step Four: Add 6 Hours of Dry Time, Seal the Door, Close the Drain, and Let It Run

Once your trays of Skittles are in the freeze dryer, simply add an additional 6 hours of dry time, put the soft seal back over the door opening, shut the door, close the drain, and let the machine work its magic! Meanwhile, you can package up the food you just removed from the freeze dryer. If you do it right, you’ll have a complete freeze-dried meal and dessert from a single cycle, thanks to the extra dry time option.

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Step Five: Taste the Rainbow! Package What’s Left

Let’s say your 6-hour cycle ends in the middle of the night. Do you really have to set an alarm and wake up to remove them? No, you’re fine. The freeze dryer will keep them safe until morning. If you leave the Skittles in the freeze dryer for several hours after they’re done, they may become slightly sticky. In that case, leave them on the counter for a couple of hours, and the stickiness will go away. After that, you can package them up.

When it comes to packaging freeze dried Skittles, I usually fill up mason jars or mylar bags. If I plan on giving a jar to a neighbor or taking a bag of Skittles on an upcoming road trip, I don’t add an oxygen absorber. However, if I’m putting the Skittles in long-term storage or don’t plan on opening the package for a while, I will add an oxygen absorber to keep them nice and crunchy. And yes, they’re super crunchy, and you’ll love it!

Freeze Dried Skittles

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