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Have you ever dreamed of turning your property into a wildlife paradise, complete with lush food plots that attract deer from miles around? I certainly have. When my hunting buddies and I acquired a large tract of land, we were thrilled at the prospect of creating expansive food plots to improve our hunting grounds. However, we quickly realized that our existing equipment was inadequate for the job. ATV sprayers just couldn’t provide the coverage we needed within our limited time frame.

The Solution: CropCare Agricultural Sprayers

CropCare Sprayer

Thankfully, we discovered CropCare, a reputable manufacturer specializing in reliable and innovative agricultural sprayers. Their range of products caters to bowhunters who want to maintain impeccable food plots. With options including agricultural 3pt mounted and trailer-mounted sprayers ranging from 55 to 1000 gallons, as well as smaller ATV and lawn sprayers, CropCare has everything you need to optimize your food plot maintenance.

The Quest for Perfect Food Plots

As my vision of well-manicured acres slowly turned into a reality that resembled an abandoned lot in Chicago, I knew I needed help. I recently purchased a compact/midsized tractor and realized that I needed a more industrial-style sprayer, rather than the small one I usually attach to my ATV. I wanted greater control and efficiency within the limited time I had available. However, I had no clue about this type of equipment. Fortunately, I found a helpful mentor in Eric Burkholder, a representative of Crop Care in Lititz, PA.

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Expert Advice from Eric Burkholder

Eric Burkholder generously shared his knowledge and insights on the Crop Care Equipment 3 Point Hitch Sprayer, the solution to my food plot challenges. Whether you’re a beginner venturing into the world of food plotting or a seasoned veteran, the wisdom Eric shared in our conversation will undoubtedly help you create amazing food plots and attract that big buck to your hunting stand.

Who Benefits from the Food Plot Sprayer?

CropCare Sprayer

When discussing the target market for the food plot sprayer, Eric explained that while CropCare serves a wide range of customers, the sprayers we were interested in cater to “hobby” farmers. These individuals typically require food plots for wildlife. While ATVs or UTVs may be suitable for smaller food plots, larger acreages necessitate the use of a compact tractor with more efficient equipment to save time.

Choosing the Right Boom Length

CropCare Sprayer

I was curious about the benefits of different boom lengths. Eric explained that a 12-foot boom offers greater maneuverability, making it ideal for navigating through rough ATV trails on your way to your food plot. On the other hand, a 20-foot boom provides increased coverage, reducing application time and ensuring consistent coverage while minimizing crop damage.

Optimal Water Usage per Acre

Determining the ideal water consumption per acre for spraying was another crucial topic of discussion. Eric advised referring to the chemical labels and following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, a range of 15-25 gallons per acre proves effective. However, specific chemicals may require different quantities. For example, broadleaf killers are often applied at 20 gallons per acre, while stronger herbicides like Round-up may only require 10-12 gallons per acre. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for accurate measurements.

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PTO vs. DC Pump Type

CropCare Sprayer

Understanding the benefits and differences between PTO (Power Take Off) and DC pump types was vital for my education. Eric emphasized that opting for a PTO pump ensures greater reliability and performance, offering higher working pressures and flow rates than a 12-volt DC pump. PTO pumps are low-maintenance and compatible with a wider range of chemicals. In contrast, 12-volt pumps have limitations due to amp draw, and rubber diaphragms can cause chemical compatibility issues.

The Significance of Agitators

Agitators play a crucial role in keeping chemicals suspended in water, ensuring efficient mixing and dilution. I wanted to grasp their purpose better, and Eric explained that when excess flow returns to the tank during spraying, it creates a jet flow. This jet agitator effectively increases circulation within the tank, keeping the chemical uniformly mixed and preventing sedimentation.

Unveiling the Crop Care Equipment Difference

CropCare Sprayer

One question burning in my mind was what sets Crop Care’s 3 Point Hitch Sprayer apart from similar products. Eric revealed that CropCare meticulously selects quality components and assembles them with care. They prioritize reliability and performance while ensuring a superior finish with a durable powder coating. Moreover, CropCare allows customization, providing customers with tailored sprayers based on their unique specifications.

Tailored Solutions for Smaller Plots

For those with smaller plots that don’t require larger tractors, CropCare offers the CropCare 25 Gallon ATV Sprayer. This compact sprayer boasts the same ruggedness as its larger counterparts and even includes a full one-year warranty. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining small food plots with ease.

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Convenience in the Field: Draining and Application Switching

CropCare Sprayer

Wondering about the convenience of draining tanks and switching between different spraying applications, I sought Eric’s guidance. He assured me that CropCare designs their sprayers with user-friendliness in mind. The tanks feature a shut-off valve and an in-line suction filter for easy drainage into separate containers. This thoughtful design allows users to switch between applications effortlessly while in the field.

Winterizing Tips for Optimal Performance

Preparing the sprayer for winter was another critical consideration. Eric emphasized the importance of draining and rinsing the tank thoroughly with fresh water to prevent any corrosive damage to rubber hoses and gaskets. Next, he recommended running RV antifreeze through the entire system, including the pump, controls, and boom. RV antifreeze is environmentally friendly and ensures the sprayer remains in optimal condition during the colder months.

The Versatility of Foam Marker Kits

CropCare also offers Foam Marker Kits that greatly enhance the efficiency of any sprayer. These versatile kits allow you to track your progress across the food plot, preventing any missed areas or wasteful chemical overlap. By maximizing your investment, Foam Marker Kits prove indispensable in achieving precise, foolproof results.

Expert Support when You Need It

CropCare Sprayer

CropCare prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing both a dedicated customer service department and a technical support team. While minor issues can often be resolved with the help of the customer service department, more complex problems receive expert attention from the technical support team. CropCare’s knowledgeable staff ensures you receive the assistance you need to make the most of your sprayer.

Exploring Crop Care Equipment Further

To learn more about Crop Care Equipment and their impressive range of products, visit their website at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill. Upgrade your food plotting experience today and witness the impressive results that will impress both you and the wildlife.


Transforming your property into a wildlife haven has never been easier with the help of Crop Care’s exceptional agricultural sprayers. Whether you’re a hobby farmer, a hunting club member, or a landowner seeking efficient food plot maintenance, CropCare has the perfect sprayer for you. So, why settle for less? Upgrade your food plotting experience today and witness the impressive results that will impress both you and the wildlife.