Entertaining with Style: Tips from Rebecca Minkoff

Welcome to the fabulous world of entertaining with renowned designer Rebecca Minkoff! In this exclusive glimpse into her kitchen, she shares her tips and tricks for hosting unforgettable events. As a New Yorker, space is always a premium, but Rebecca shows us how she utilizes her kitchen island as a versatile dining table.

Being immersed in the world of fashion, Rebecca draws inspiration from the extravagant dinner parties and events she attends, where top decorators and designers create unique experiences. The decor elements and attention to detail she encounters at these gatherings influence her entertaining style. Rebecca believes that the right plate or bowl can make a graphic statement and elevate any table setting.

Rebecca’s entertaining style is laid-back and casual. She prefers creating an atmosphere where the focus is on the food and the people. While she occasionally hosts grand theme parties twice a year, like her recent Indian-themed soirée and her costume party for her 30th birthday, most of her gatherings are relaxed affairs centered around good company and great food.

When planning her menu, Rebecca likes to base it around a signature dish that she prepares. To add variety and excitement, she asks her guests to contribute a dish of their own. This approach not only adds depth to the menu but also creates an opportunity for guests to showcase their culinary skills and bond over their shared love of food.

For Rebecca, the joy of cooking for friends and family lies in the ability to bring loved ones together and create lasting memories. Sharing a meal is an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while indulging in delicious food. It’s a time to savor the flavors and savor the moment.

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Rebecca Minkoff's Entertaining Tips

Entertaining with Style: Tips from Rebecca Minkoff
Entertaining with Style: Tips from Rebecca Minkoff

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Q: How often does Rebecca Minkoff host theme parties?
A: Rebecca hosts grand theme parties about twice a year, where she goes all out to create a unique and memorable experience for her guests.

Q: How does Rebecca plan her menu for parties?
A: Rebecca starts by choosing a signature dish to base her menu around. She then asks her guests to contribute their own dishes, adding variety and creating a collaborative dining experience.

Q: What is Rebecca’s entertaining style?
A: Rebecca’s entertaining style is casual and laid-back. She believes in creating an atmosphere where the focus is on the food and the people, rather than on formality and extravagance.


Rebecca Minkoff’s entertaining tips offer a fresh perspective on hosting gatherings. From utilizing limited space creatively to curating menus that allow guests to contribute their own culinary creations, Rebecca emphasizes the joy of bringing people together over delicious food. So, gather your loved ones, get inspired by Rebecca’s style, and create unforgettable moments at your next gathering.

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