Doggy Bag Dog Food: A Disappointing Choice for Your Canine Companion

The Downfall of Doggy Bag

Doggy Bag Dog Food has been given a poor rating of only 1 star by industry experts. The product line consists of just one option for dry dog food. Unfortunately, the product’s website lacks crucial information about the nutritional adequacy of this recipe. As a result, specific recommendations for different life stages cannot be provided.

Unveiling the Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients used in this dog food. The main ingredient is wheat middlings, which basically refers to the remains of cereal grain processing. Despite the misleading name, wheat middlings are nothing more than milling dust and floor sweepings. This ingredient is often associated with lower quality pet foods.

Next on the list is corn, a controversial and inexpensive cereal grain that offers minimal nutritional value to dogs. It is not considered a preferred component in any dog food. Meat and bone meal is the third ingredient, which is a rendered product made from mammal tissues. This ingredient has lower digestibility compared to other meat meals, potentially due to its higher ash and lower essential amino acid content.

The anonymity of the meat used in this dog food is a cause for concern, as it can come from a combination of various animals, making it challenging to identify specific food allergens. Although meat and bone meal are considered rich in protein, it is not considered a quality ingredient.

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Soybean meal, a by-product of soybean oil production commonly found in animal feeds, is the fourth ingredient. While soybean meal contains protein, it has a lower biological value compared to meat. It artificially inflates the total protein reported on the label, which must be considered when evaluating the actual meat content of the dog food.

Other questionable ingredients include calcium carbonate, animal fat, and animal digest. Calcium carbonate is likely included as a dietary mineral supplement. Animal fat, of unspecified origin, is a by-product of rendering, which raises concerns about its source. Animal digest is a mixture of animal by-products that is sprayed onto dry kibble for taste enhancement.

Let’s Dig Deeper

While there are other ingredients listed further down, they are unlikely to significantly impact the overall rating of this product, except for a few noteworthy exceptions. Firstly, the absence of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria aiding digestion, is concerning. Secondly, the minerals listed do not appear to be chelated, potentially hindering their absorption. Lastly, the inclusion of menadione, a controversial form of vitamin K associated with various health risks, raises questions about its necessity in a dog food formulation.

A Lackluster Profile

When evaluating Doggy Bag Dog Food based solely on its ingredients, it falls into the below-average category for dry dog products. However, ingredient quality alone does not provide a complete assessment. The estimated meat content needs to be considered to determine a final rating.

The analysis reveals that this dog food contains around 21% protein, 7% fat, and approximately 65% carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. With a fat-to-protein ratio of about 33%, the protein content is below average, the fat content is below average, and the carbohydrate content is above average compared to typical dry dog foods.

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Considering the soybean meal’s protein-boosting effect, it appears that Doggy Bag Dog Food only contains a limited amount of unnamed meat meal as its primary source of animal protein. Based on this analysis, the brand receives a disappointing rating of 1 star.

Proceed with Caution

We do not recommend Doggy Bag Dog Food. It primarily consists of plant-based ingredients and relies on an undisclosed meat meal for its animal protein content. It is crucial to choose a dog food that provides high-quality nutrition for your four-legged friend.

Please note that the aforementioned ratings are based on our estimates of meat content and fat-to-protein ratios and may vary for different recipes.

Stay Informed

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Last Update: 08/23/2017