Pizza Prices: Unveiling the Hidden Costs

If you’ve ever ordered pizza for delivery, you may have noticed something fishy going on with the prices. It turns out, you could be paying more than you bargained for. Let’s dive into the world of pizza delivery fees and uncover the truth behind these hidden costs.

The Reality Behind the Crust

Popular chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s are guilty of inflating prices for delivered orders. For example, a mouthwatering Mega Meat Lovers pizza from Pizza Hut costs $14.99 if you pick it up yourself. However, if you opt for delivery, the price mysteriously jumps to $18.49. Add the $7.99 delivery fee, and the true cost of getting that pizza delivered is actually $11.49 more than if you had picked it up.

But it’s not just the pizzas themselves that suffer from this price hike; every item in your delivery order becomes more expensive. Even a simple bottle of Coca-Cola can cost more than it should if it’s part of a delivered order. This means that choosing delivery over pick-up can inadvertently leave you with a significantly higher bill.

Lack of Transparency

What’s even more frustrating is that neither Pizza Hut nor Domino’s make it clear that you’ll be paying extra for each item in your basket if you choose delivery. The true cost of a delivery order is concealed, leaving customers feeling misled and frustrated.

On the other hand, Hell Pizza takes a different approach. They’re upfront and transparent about their delivery fees, earning them a reputation for being angelic in comparison to their competitors.

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Uncovering the Truth

Graham and Angela, Pizza Hut customers, contacted us after noticing these price discrepancies. Angela decided to change her mind and pick up her pizza instead of having it delivered. She was shocked to discover that the delivery pizzas were several dollars more expensive than the pick-up ones, on top of the delivery fee.

Both customers expressed their frustration at the lack of clear communication from the companies. They’re not opposed to paying a higher delivery fee if that’s the actual cost, but they believe it should be disclosed upfront. They question why it costs more to make a pizza that’s being delivered and wonder if the companies are hiding the extra cost within the product price to make the delivery fee appear more reasonable.

The Legal Perspective

These pricing practices raise concerns about breaching the Fair Trading Act (FTA), which prohibits false or misleading claims about the price of goods or services. Pizza Hut’s website clearly states a $7.99 delivery fee, but the actual prices across the board are higher for delivery orders. Domino’s isn’t much better, giving the impression of no delivery fee while actually incorporating it into the item prices.

We believe these pricing practices could potentially violate the FTA, so we plan to lodge a complaint with the Commerce Commission to address this issue.

The Bottom Line

Businesses should be transparent about their prices so customers can make informed decisions. Pizza Hut and Domino’s delivery prices raise eyebrows due to their lack of clarity, potentially breaching the Fair Trading Act. Hidden costs have no place in the pizza world, and it’s time for change.

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