Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Pasta

Pasta: a beloved staple in households worldwide. It’s easy to make, versatile, and budget-friendly. But is pasta vegan? Are there hidden ingredients we need to be aware of? Let’s dig in and uncover the truth about pasta and its plant-based potential.

The Vegan Winner: Packaged Pasta

Dried pasta

Good news! Most packaged pasta, including spaghetti, linguine, rigatoni, lasagne sheets, and macaroni, is vegan-friendly. These varieties are typically made from 100% durum wheat, although some may contain semolina or wheat flour. The dried nature of these pasta types allows for a long shelf life without the need for animal products. Furthermore, there are now specialized varieties available, expanding the options for vegan pasta lovers.

Is Gluten-Free Pasta Vegan?

Gluten-free pasta

Surprisingly, most packaged gluten-free pasta is also vegan. Manufacturers have started using alternative ingredients like mung beans, lentils, chickpeas, and even sweet potatoes to create delicious gluten-free pasta. This inclusive approach to staple foods production ensures that both dairy-free and gluten-free eaters can enjoy their pasta.

Which Pasta Styles Aren’t Vegan?

Fresh pasta

While most dry packaged pasta is vegan-friendly, it’s essential to double-check the ingredients to be sure. Fresh pasta requires extra caution, as many brands use eggs to achieve a pliable texture. However, it’s worth noting that eggs are not essential in pasta production, and oil can be used as a substitute. Additionally, stuffed pasta varieties like ravioli and cannelloni often contain dairy-rich sauces and meat fillings, making them unsuitable for vegans. Thankfully, there are brands offering fresh vegan options, including ravioli, dairy-free sauces, and other meal choices.

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Is Traditional Pasta Vegan?

Italy, famous for its culinary delights, takes pasta seriously. Traditional pasta typically contains flour, eggs, water, and salt – not vegan-friendly ingredients. However, there has been a surge in packaged and dried vegan pasta options that cater to plant-based diets. So, while Italy itself may not be the ultimate vegan destination, there are still plenty of pasta choices for those following a vegan lifestyle.

The Love for Pasta: Cost-Effective, Filling, and Versatile

Vegan pasta

Why do we adore pasta so much? Its cost-effectiveness, filling nature, and versatility are the primary reasons. Pasta’s simplicity makes it suitable for most dietary needs, and it has become an essential item in the kitchen cupboards of people around the world. During the first lockdown, pasta even became a hot commodity in the UK.

Homecooked, Shopbought, or Made Elsewhere: Which is Best?

Let’s explore different options for enjoying pasta, whether you’re a home cook, prefer ready-to-cook varieties, or choose to dine out.

For the Home Cook

Dried pasta brands like Barilla and Rummo offer a wide range of shapes and styles to satisfy your cravings. Barilla is renowned for its quality, variety, and affordability, while Rummo provides an authentic Italian experience, with the added benefit of a wholemeal range.

Ready-to-Cook Shopbought Varieties

When you’re short on time, shopbought ready-to-cook pasta comes to the rescue. Tesco Wicked Kitchen offers vegan, gluten-free Rockin Ravioli that bursts with flavor – a quick and delicious option. Dell’Ugo offers both plain pasta shapes and filled ravioli, catering to vegan and gluten-free preferences.

Provided by Professionals

Though dining out might not be an option during lockdown, we can still appreciate the restaurants and delivery services serving vegan pasta dishes.

  • Pastan, an artisan vegan pasta company, crafts indulgent taste experiences using plant-based ingredients. From charcoal pasta to gnocchi and ice cream, Pastan offers a delectable vegan menu.
  • Zizzi, a UK-wide chain, prepares tasty and vegan-friendly pasta dishes. Their menu clearly labels vegan options, making it easy to enjoy a satisfying and hassle-free meal.
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Pasta: conducive to creative cooking, easy to eat, and friendly to your budget. Whether you cook it at home, purchase ready-to-cook options, or indulge in professionally made pasta, you can always find vegan choices that will satisfy your cravings.

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