Does Burger King Serve Ice Cream?

Burger King

During hot summer days, indulging in a refreshing ice cream treat is always a great idea. But what about Burger King? Does this popular fast-food chain offer ice cream to its customers? Let’s explore all you need to know about Burger King’s ice cream offerings.

Unveiling the Ice Cream Delights at Burger King

Assorted ice cream

Yes, Burger King does have a wide variety of ice cream options to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Their menu includes a range of milkshakes, sundaes, and soft-serve cones. You can enjoy these delectable treats at any time of the day or night.

When it comes to milkshakes, Burger King offers them in various sizes and shapes. You can opt for a small serving if you’re looking for a quick bite at the restaurant. For a full restaurant experience, the large serving is perfect. There’s also a medium-sized option available that falls between the large and small servings.

To make your milkshake experience even more delightful, Burger King offers a limited edition topping of whipped cream or a serving of Oreo cookies with your choice of large, medium, or small milkshake. And as a pleasant surprise, you’ll often find an extra layer of different flavors at the bottom of your milkshake.

If you’re in the mood for sundaes, Burger King has got you covered. They offer sundaes with either a hot cup of caramel or chocolate. For a unique twist, you can also substitute hot chocolate with strawberry sauce.

Discovering the Sizes of Burger King’s Ice Cream Servings

Ice Cream Assortment

When it comes to ice cream servings, Burger King offers a variety of sizes to cater to different preferences. If you prefer a cup, your ice cream serving can reach up to 4 oz. You can choose to enjoy it at the restaurant or take it home.

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For ice cream-based desserts, Burger King provides a 3-inch cake cone, which is a typical serving in most ice cream chains. The soft touch and delightful flavors make it a perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day.

As for milkshakes, the serving sizes can be as large as you desire. You can always opt for a larger size by adding some extra money. However, the typical servings start from 12 oz. for the smallest size. The medium serving measures around 16 oz., while the largest serving offers approximately 20 oz. of pure indulgence.

What About the Milk Used in Burger King’s Ice Cream?

Fresh milk in glass jug and glass

When it comes to making their milkshakes and other ice cream treats, Burger King uses a variety of options. While we often associate milk with the ordinary store-bought variety, Burger King mostly uses skim milk. Skim milk is lower in fat and works well in creating delicious ice cream.

Catering to Lactose Intolerant Individuals

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It’s important to note that Burger King’s ice cream contains ingredients that may not be suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance or allergies. Skim milk, gluten wheat, and soy are some of the ingredients used in their ice cream servings. If you have lactose intolerance or any other allergies, it’s advisable to check the ingredients of each ice cream serving before making a purchase. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to ask the staff about any potential cross-contamination risks to ensure your safety.

Pricing and Affordability of Burger King’s Ice Cream

Burger King Retail Fast Food Location

Burger King strives to make their delicious treats affordable for all customers. You can enjoy their ice cream offerings at reasonable prices, all while relishing your favorite treats at their restaurants. The soft cup, which contains about 171 calories, costs less than $2. These affordable prices extend to various food items available at the chain.

Sundae Pricing at Burger King

If you’re a fan of sundaes, Burger King often offers discounts that make them even more affordable. Keep an eye out for promotional offers and deals that make sundaes cheaper. And when you buy a Sundae at any Burger King establishment, you’ll receive a complimentary strawberry drizzle.

Affordable Milkshakes at Burger King

Burger King is known for being one of the most cost-effective fast-food chains in the country. If the larger milkshake sizes are beyond your budget, you can always opt for a smaller serving that is more affordable. The price difference between the smallest and largest serving is minimal, giving you better value for your money when you choose the largest available option. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your appetite and the amount of money you have to spare. Additionally, different flavors of milkshakes at Burger King are priced similarly.

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No Ice Cream Cakes, but There’s a Sweet Alternative

Ice cream cookie and cream cake

While Burger King does not currently offer ice cream cakes, they do have a delightful alternative. On certain occasions, you can find an ice cream pie at Burger King. One well-known product in the US is the Hershey Sundae pie, which was initially a limited edition offering but is now a permanent fixture on the menu due to its popularity. Keep an eye on Burger King’s social media platforms for updates on when this delicious treat is available.

A Closer Look at Burger King’s Hershey Sundae

The Hershey Sundae at Burger King is a fluffy dessert topped with multiple layers of ice cream. It features a chocolate crust that perfectly complements the rich chocolate ice cream inside. Initially introduced as a limited edition product, the Hershey Sundae pie received such positive customer feedback that it became a permanent item on the menu. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you can now enjoy this delectable treat whenever you visit Burger King.

Limited Edition Products: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Burger King Restaurant Exterior

Burger King often introduces limited edition products to test their popularity among customers. If sales are positive, these products may become a permanent addition to the menu alongside other food items. Products like Brownie Batter Milkshakes can stay on the menu for weeks, depending on their reception. However, some limited edition products may disappear suddenly, so it’s best to enjoy them while they’re available.

Other Popular Menu Items at Burger King

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If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, Burger King offers a plethora of options that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Apart from their ice-cold creamy delights, some popular items on the menu include iced coffee, smoothies, and a wide range of pies. Burger King’s pies have gained immense popularity across the US due to their splendid flavors, vibrant appearances, and delectable fillings. Some popular pie options include Snickers pie, Dutch Apple Pie, Hershey’s Sundae Pie, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie. Additionally, you can add cookies as a topping to your soft-serve ice cream or smoothies. On certain occasions, limited edition offers also include an option to pair Oreos with specific ice cream servings.

Ordering Made Easy with the Burger King App

Burger King App

Burger King offers a convenient app that allows customers to avoid the hassle of visiting a physical store. Through the app, you can conveniently order selected menu items for delivery. The app also provides information on item availability for order. Alternatively, you can call a Burger King restaurant to inquire about the availability of specific food items. Limited edition products can only be ordered if they are currently on the menu. The app is not only useful for placing orders but also provides information on coupons, discounts, and limited edition items.

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Finding the Burger King App

The Burger King app is available in both the Apple App Store and the Android app stores. Simply launch the relevant app store and use the search function to locate the Burger King app. Before you can place your first order, the app will guide you through the verification process. Once verified, you can enter your payment information and start using the app to order your favorite Burger King treats.

How to Check the Menu at Burger King

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While popular ice cream options are usually available at Burger King, some limited edition products may not be part of the regular menu. Burger King often highlights their offers on social media platforms, showcasing new menu items and limited edition foods. By following their social media accounts, you can stay updated on the latest offerings, including those that are available for a limited time only. Additionally, the Burger King app and website can provide you with in-depth information about the menu, including the availability of limited edition products and options for delivery.

Other Fast-Food Chains That Offer Ice Cream

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If you’re craving ice cream and your favorite fast-food chain doesn’t offer it, don’t worry. There are several other chains where you can find your favorite frosty delights. Some popular fast-food chains that offer ice cream include Sonic, Friendly’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, McDonald’s, and Chick-fil-A. Before trying a new restaurant, it’s always a good idea to read online reviews or check their website to familiarize yourself with their food prices and the ingredients used in individual servings. Keep in mind that prices may vary between different fast-food chains, so it’s helpful to have an idea of what you can expect to pay before visiting a new place.

Stay Informed about Burger King’s Ice Cream Offerings

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To stay updated on new ice cream offers and limited edition products at Burger King, the best place to look is their social media pages. By following Burger King on social media, you’ll be among the first to know about new menu items, limited edition offerings, and ongoing promotions. Alternatively, you can inquire directly at the restaurant counter. The staff will be happy to inform you about any ongoing promotions and limited edition products available at that time.

Enjoy the Plethora of Delights at Burger King

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Burger King not only caters to ice cream lovers but also offers an array of other scrumptious treats. From promotions and discounts to a wide variety of pies and beverages, Burger King has something for every palate. Whether you’re in the mood for ice cream, coffee, or a delightful pie, Burger King strives to provide an affordable and delicious experience for all customers. So, the next time you think of satisfying your cravings, head to Burger King and savor their amazing treats!

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