Burger King’s Unique Twist on French Fries

burger king curly fries

If you’re looking for a deliciously different fry experience, look no further than Burger King’s Curly Fries. While most fast-food chains stick to the classic straight-cut fries, Burger King decided to spice things up with their unique take on this beloved side dish. So, what sets Burger King’s Curly Fries apart from the rest? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Curly Fries Phenomenon

Burger King’s Curly Fries are a delightful variation of the traditional fry. Made from a special type of potato that is wavy and curly, these fries offer a whole new level of fun and flavor. The distinctive shape not only makes them visually appealing but also adds a crispiness that regular fries can’t quite match.

Since their launch on January 6, 2018, Burger King has offered three delectable flavors of Curly Fries: Original, Cheddar Cheese, and Sour Cream & Onion. Each flavor provides a unique twist to satisfy your taste buds.

A Snack That Comes at a Price

While Burger King’s Curly Fries are undeniably delicious, it’s essential to consider their nutritional value. As with any fried snack, these fries can be high in calories and fat. One serving of Curly Fries (approximately 1/4 cup) packs around 180 calories. So, it’s wise to enjoy them in moderation as a delightful treat rather than a regular indulgence.

Gluten-Free Curly Fries

In line with changing dietary preferences, Burger King introduced a gluten-free fry option to their menu on April 18. These crispy fries, made with rice flour and tapioca starch, are a game-changer for those following a gluten-free diet. Available in all Burger King locations across the United States, these spiral-shaped fries offer a tasty alternative to their traditional counterparts.

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Ingredients that Make the Magic Happen

To create their renowned Curly Fries, Burger King combines a few simple yet flavorful ingredients. These include potatoes, vegetable oil, wheat flour, and salt. The combination of these quality ingredients is what gives their fries their irresistible taste.

DIY Curly Fries at Home

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to recreate the magic of Burger King’s Curly Fries in your own kitchen, we have a recipe just for you. Here’s how you can make your own Curly Fries at home:


  • 1 bag of frozen curly fries
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup of cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Canola oil

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Preheat a skillet to medium heat and add canola oil.
  2. Add the frozen curly fries to the pan and cover them with water.
  3. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for approximately 10 minutes or until the potatoes are tender, stirring occasionally.
  4. Drain the water from the pan and add cornstarch, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Mix well.
  5. Serve hot and enjoy your homemade Curly Fries!

What’s New in the World of Burger King’s Fries?

Burger King has recently taken their beloved fries to the next level. They’ve introduced new flavors, dipping sauces, and innovative packaging to enhance your fry experience. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new:

  • Fries: Burger King’s classic fries are as delicious as ever, maintaining their crispy exterior and fluffy interior.

  • Dipping Sauces: Burger King now offers a wide variety of dipping sauces to accompany their fries. From Sweet BBQ to Honey Mustard, Lemon Pepper Aioli, and Ranch Dipping Sauce, there’s a flavor for every taste.

  • Introducing New Packaging: Burger King has unveiled a new packaging option for their fries. These innovative french fry holders can hold up to ten or twelve fries each, making them perfect for sharing with a loved one.

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Burger King’s commitment to continually evolving their fries ensures that there’s always something new and exciting for fry enthusiasts to indulge in.

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