Does Burger King Accept Apple Pay?

Burger King, the renowned fast food chain in the USA, is known for its mouth-watering menu items and quick service. However, if you’re an Apple Pay user looking to make a payment at Burger King, you might be disappointed. Let’s delve into the details to find out more.

The Absence of Apple Pay at Burger King

Despite the popularity of Apple Pay as a convenient payment method, Burger King has chosen not to offer this option to its customers. While many other fast food restaurants gladly accept Apple Pay, Burger King has opted for alternative payment methods. This means that Apple Pay users will have to rely on other means to pay for their orders at Burger King.

Other Payment Methods at Burger King

Although Apple Pay is not an available payment option, Burger King still ensures a seamless payment experience for its customers. Here are some alternate methods you can use at Burger King:

  1. PayPal: Burger King has partnered with PayPal, making it a viable payment option for all Burger King restaurants. Simply select PayPal at the checkout and follow the easy steps to make your payment. You can use PayPal both in-store and through the Burger King app, where you can also find exclusive offers and discounts.

  2. Credit Card: Burger King gladly accepts credit cards for payment purposes. As one of the largest restaurant chains in the USA, all Burger King outlets are equipped to process credit card payments. Festive seasons often come with exciting credit card offers, allowing you to enjoy discounts and earn reward points.

  3. Debit Card: While Apple Pay isn’t an option, you can still rely on your trusty debit card to settle your bill at Burger King. Simply present your debit card to the store terminal to complete your transaction smoothly.

  4. Cash: Cash is a tried-and-true payment method that continues to be accepted at Burger King. Whether you’re dining in or ordering from the comfort of your home, cash payments are always welcome at Burger King.

  5. Burger King Mobile Payment App: Burger King offers a dedicated mobile payment app, where you can use the Burger King Mobile Crown Card for hassle-free payments. This app can be utilized at both restaurants and drive-up windows, providing a convenient way to pay.

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The Advantage of Apple Pay

As an Apple Pay user, it’s natural to wonder if Burger King should adopt this payment method. Apple Pay boasts several benefits that make it a favored choice among users worldwide. Its speed, ease of use, security, and reliability set it apart from other payment methods. By incorporating Apple Pay into its payment services, Burger King could enhance the overall experience for its customers, offering them a secure and efficient payment option.

Paying with an iPhone at Burger King

Even if Apple Pay isn’t accepted at Burger King, iPhone users need not fret. You can still use your iPhone to make payments for your Burger King orders. Simply utilize the Burger King app and pay with your credit or debit card. Additionally, you may even be eligible for discounts and cashback rewards at your nearest Burger King location. So, while Apple Pay may be unavailable, this alternative method ensures you won’t miss out on a convenient payment experience.


Although Burger King stands as one of the largest fast food restaurant chains globally, it currently does not accept Apple Pay as a payment option. However, you have a variety of alternatives, such as PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and cash, to ensure a smooth payment process. While Burger King’s collaboration with PayPal hinders the use of Apple Pay, it is hopeful that a resolution will be found in the future, allowing Apple users to enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay at Burger King.

For more information about Burger King’s offerings and to make your next order, visit the official Hook’d Up Bar and Grill website.

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