Discovering the Culinary World: Erin’s Journey

Cooking is not just about creating delicious dishes; it is about passion, inspiration, and a connection to our roots. For Erin, a student of baking and pastry arts at the Culinary Institute, cooking is a way to honor her family traditions and share her love for food with others. Join us as we delve into Erin’s audition tape, where she shares her story and aspirations.

Discovering the Culinary World: Erin's Journey
Discovering the Culinary World: Erin's Journey

Following in Her Mother’s Footsteps

Erin’s culinary journey began with her mom. Little did she know that her mother’s influence would shape her love for cooking. As she embarked on her studies, Erin found herself reminiscing about her mom’s daily bread-making ritual and the flavorful meals she would prepare without fail. Cooking became a family tradition, with Erin and all her brothers honing their skills in the kitchen.

Erin's Family

Embracing Her Kansas Roots

Coming from Lawrence, Kansas, Erin’s background had an undeniable impact on her culinary journey. The flat countryside and warm, welcoming atmosphere of her hometown shaped her perspective on cooking. Erin’s roots are not just about her family but also about the land that nurtured her culinary spirit. She takes pride in her Kansas heritage.

Kansas Landscape

The Dream of Owning Her Own Place

As Erin grew as a budding chef, she began to envision her own culinary realm—a place where she could share her unique vision and deliver exceptional experiences to diners. While she cherishes her role as a student, she knows that there is a part of her that dreams of opening her own bakery or restaurant someday. This aspiration fuels her dedication to learning and building her culinary skills.

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A Journey Filled with Learning and Friendship

Erin’s time at the Culinary Institute is not just about honing her skills; it’s also about the people she meets along the way. She values the opportunity to study, work, and grow with her classmates, forming lifelong connections that extend beyond the classroom. The institute has become her second home, filled with friends who share her passion.


Q: What inspired Erin to pursue a career in cooking?

A: Erin’s mother played a significant role in igniting her passion for food. Growing up in a family where cooking was a cherished tradition, Erin knew from an early age that she wanted to explore the world of cuisine.

Q: Does Erin have plans to open her own establishment?

A: Yes, owning her own bakery or restaurant is a dream that drives Erin’s dedication to her craft. She aspires to create a space where she can express her unique culinary perspective and deliver memorable experiences to her guests.

Q: What excites Erin the most about her culinary journey?

A: One of the most exciting aspects for Erin is the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share her love for cooking. Building lifelong friendships and connections with her classmates and colleagues is an integral part of her journey.


Erin’s audition tape reveals her deep-rooted love for cooking and her dream of making it a career. From her family traditions to her aspirations of owning her own establishment, Erin’s culinary journey is filled with passion, dedication, and a desire to share her love for food with others. As she continues to learn and grow at the Culinary Institute, we can’t wait to see where her path will lead her.

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