Discover the Art of Wine Tasting

Discover the Art of Wine Tasting
Discover the Art of Wine Tasting


Have you ever experienced the thrill of blind tasting? The moment when you take a sip of wine and instantly recognize its origin without even giving it a second thought? It’s like coming home to your favorite place. Today, we embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of a unique wine and try to decipher its secrets.

A World of Aromas and Flavors

As we pour this wine into our glass, we are greeted by a delicate ruby hue. Such a pale color indicates that we are dealing with a grape variety with thin skins, narrowing down our options. The first wave of aromas hits our senses, revealing notes of pomegranate, dried cranberry, and even a hint of dried dragon fruit. The presence of vanilla and black tea adds an intriguing layer of complexity. Could it be that this wine has spent some time aging in new oak barrels?

Unraveling the Structure

A sip of this wine reveals its medium to light body, accompanied by a gentle presence of tannins and a refreshing acidity. Its warming sensation as it glides down the palate hints at a moderately high alcohol content and a touch of sweet oak on the finish. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into place.

The Guessing Game

Now, let’s make this a little more challenging. Can you identify the grape variety behind this wine? Could it be Pinot Noir, Grenache, or even Syrah? If you’re not entirely sure, fear not, for we have a master of wine, Christine Marcilio, ready to assist us.

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Decoding the Clues

While the pale color could be found in all the mentioned grape varieties, the high acidity immediately eliminates Grenache, and the low tannin rules out Syrah. Both Pinot Noir and Syrah exhibit those beautiful red fruit aromas and elegant tannins, but it is rare to find new oak being used with Syrah. When we consider the elegant texture, low tannins, and red fruit characteristics, our journey leads us toward Pinot Noir.

The Elusive Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, a grape that captivates wine lovers but poses challenges to winemakers. It requires a specific climate to thrive, shying away from Mediterranean-like heat. Therefore, it often finds its home near large cool bodies of water or further away from the equator. This particular grape variety favors cool nights and warm, long, dry afternoons. While it may be finicky, when the conditions align perfectly, it produces magic in a glass.

Unveiling the Terroir

Let’s take another moment to appreciate the pale color of this Pinot Noir. It suggests that it originates from a cooler region. The abundance of fruit notes also hints that it might not be from a European growing area. The cranberry and black tea characteristics are quite revealing. Moreover, the use of French oak and the winemaker’s serious commitment to producing exceptional wine narrow down the possibilities.

The Final Destination

With all the clues in mind, it’s time to pinpoint the origin of this wine. Is it from Burgundy, France? The Mornington Peninsula in Australia? Sonoma, California? Or perhaps the Willamette Valley in Oregon? Sonoma, being relatively close to the equator, offers a fruitier profile. Burgundy seems unlikely due to the combination of earthy and fruity elements. Between the Mornington Peninsula and the Willamette Valley, we find ourselves faced with a tough decision. However, the slightly earthy and tea-like characteristics lead us to believe that our wine comes from the Willamette Valley.

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The Willamette Valley: A Hidden Gem

Located in the Pacific Northwest of Oregon, the Willamette Valley benefits from the cooling influence of the nearby Pacific Ocean. Its higher latitude ensures long, sunny afternoons, while the region’s unique characteristics make it a perfect match for Pinot Noir. Even the Burgundians have recognized its potential, establishing their own sister vineyards in Oregon since the late 1980s.

The Big Reveal

Now, it’s time for the grand reveal. Today, we have the pleasure of tasting Lemelson Vineyards’ F Selection Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This wine is a blend of grapes sourced from five distinct sites, including Yamhill-Carlton, Dundee Hills, and the Chehalem Mountains. All of these sub-AVAs contribute their unique character to the final blend. What makes Lemelson Farms even more remarkable is their commitment to organic farming and their energy-efficient gravity-fed winemaking design.

Join the Adventure

We have now delved deeper into the captivating world of wine. If you want to experience the magic of Lemelson Vineyards’ F Selection Pinot Noir and many other exquisite wines, consider joining the Wine Folly Club. With each sip, you’ll uncover the allure of different regions and grape varieties. Until next time, cheers to the joy of tasting!


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