An In-Depth Review of Defender Dog Food


Defender Dog Food, the subject of our evaluation, has received a modest rating of only 2 stars on our scale. Let’s delve into the product line and thoroughly examine its ingredients to determine its true value.

A Detailed Analysis of the Ingredients

Corn: A Controversial and Insignificant Component

We begin with corn, an inexpensive cereal grain that sparks debates regarding its nutritional value. While it does provide energy, its overall benefits for dogs are modest at best. As a result, corn fails to meet our criteria for a preferred ingredient in any dog food.

Meat and Bone Meal: A Digestibility Concern

The presence of meat and bone meal raises concerns about its digestibility. In comparison to other meat meals, it exhibits lower absorption rates, potentially due to higher ash content and a lower essential amino acid composition. Furthermore, the lack of transparency surrounding this ingredient raises doubts about its quality and origin.

Wheat: Another Cereal Grain

Similar to corn, wheat is another cereal grain that raises similar concerns. Its inclusion in this recipe only adds to the existing issues.

Wheat Mill Run: Mere Milling Residue

Despite its seemingly wholesome name, wheat mill run is nothing more than mere milling dust and floor sweepings. This ingredient is typically found in lower quality pet foods.

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Animal Fat: A Vague Source

Generic animal fat, obtained through rendering, is yet another questionable component. Its lack of specificity raises doubts about its source, which may range from roadkill to spoiled meat or even deceased cattle.

Potassium Chloride and Salt: Nutritional Supplements

Following the poultry flavor, we encounter potassium chloride, a supplement that replaces sodium found in table salt. Salt, on the other hand, is a common additive in many dog foods due to the necessary minerals it provides. However, the undisclosed amount of salt in this recipe impedes an accurate assessment of its nutritional value.

Minor Exceptions

Beyond the aforementioned ingredients, several other items appear on the list. However, ingredients situated lower down the list, apart from nutritional supplements, have minimal impact on the overall rating of this product.

Three noteworthy exceptions, however, warrant attention.

  1. Caramel: A Superfluous Coloring Agent
    Caramel, a coloring agent used to impart a pleasing golden brown hue to the final product, fails to benefit the dog directly. While it is considered safe, the inclusion of any added coloring in pet food is disappointing as it serves no purpose for the pet.

  2. Probiotics: Lacking Friendly Bacteria
    Surprisingly, no mention is made of probiotics, which play a vital role in digestion. The absence of friendly bacteria applied to the kibble’s surface after processing is a notable omission.

  3. Non-Chelated Minerals: A Potential Absorption Issue
    The minerals listed in the ingredients do not appear to be chelated, which makes them less easily absorbed. Non-chelated minerals are typically associated with lower quality dog foods.

Evaluating Defender Dog Food

Given its ingredients, Defender Dog Food appears to be below-average in quality. However, to accurately assess the product, we must consider its meat content.

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According to our analysis, Defender Dog Food has a protein content of 24%, a fat content of 9%, and estimated carbohydrates of approximately 59%. These values translate to a fat-to-protein ratio of around 38%, below-average levels of protein and fat, and above-average carbohydrate content compared to typical dry dog food.

Furthermore, the absence of plant-based protein boosters suggests that this kibble contains a below-average amount of meat.

Taking all these factors into account, we assign Defender Dog Food a rating of 2 stars, which reflects its heavy reliance on generic meat and bone meal as the primary source of animal protein.


In conclusion, we do not recommend Defender Dog Food. Despite our thorough analysis, it is essential to note that certain recipes may receive higher or lower ratings based on the estimated meat content.

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