The Ultimate Guide to Delicious Crux Air Fryer Recipes

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Air fryer recipes are making waves in the culinary world, and we are absolutely smitten with our Crux Air Fryer. This incredible countertop kitchen gadget allows you to savor all your favorite fried or baked foods in a healthier way.

Cooking Times For Air Fryer (Air Fryer Conversion Chart)

Before we embark on our mouthwatering recipes, let’s kick things off with a handy guide to air frying cooking times and temperatures. This air fryer conversion chart will assist you in effortlessly cooking vegetables, baked goods, meat, and seafood. For the best results, remember to rotate, shake, or flip your food halfway through the cooking process.

Estimated air fryer cooking temperature and times chart

Crux Air Fryer Recipes

If you’re as obsessed with air fryers as we are, get ready to be delighted! We’ve gathered some of our most popular Crux Air Fryer recipes in one place for your convenience. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds!

Air Fryer Salmon Steak

salmon steaks in air fryer basket topped with black sesame seeds

These Asian-inspired Air Fryer Salmon Steaks are the ideal choice for a healthy dinner. With minimal ingredients, you can have a flavorful and juicy meal ready in under 30 minutes.

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Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Salmon Steak Recipe

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

wings in air fryer basket

These Instant Pot Air Fryer Chicken Wings are a game-changer! From freezer to plate, these wings are boiled to succulent perfection. They’re perfect for a quick dinner, appetizers, or entertaining guests.

Go to the recipe: Instant Pot Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Steak Bites

steak bites in gray bowl

Nothing compares to perfectly cooked steak, and these Air Fryer Steak Bites deliver juicy and succulent bites every time. Say goodbye to tough and chewy steak – these bites melt in your mouth.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Steak Bites

Air Fryer Whole Chicken

chicken cut into pieces

Looking for a simple and flavorful air fryer whole chicken recipe? Look no further! This rotisserie-style chicken is juicy, flavorful, and requires minimal basting. It’s perfect for Sunday dinners or any occasion.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Whole Chicken

Air Fryer Fish And Chips

fish and chips in basket

These Air Fryer Fish and Chips will make your taste buds dance with joy! Air frying is a fantastic way to enjoy healthy and crispy foods. The tilapia is cooked to perfection without the need for excessive oil.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Fish and Chips

Air Fryer Garlic Butter Shrimp

Air fryer garlic butter shrimp recipe pinterest pin

This Air Fryer Garlic Butter Shrimp is a flavor explosion! Juicy, succulent, and bursting with incredible flavors, this recipe is perfect for a quick and delicious weeknight meal. And the best part? It only takes 10 minutes in the air fryer.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Garlic Butter Shrimp

Air Fryer Spaghetti Squash

cooked spaghetti squash in air fryer basket

For a healthy and versatile meal, try this Air Fryer Spaghetti Squash. It’s nutritious and can be used as a substitute for traditional pasta. Get creative with your toppings and relish a guilt-free indulgence.

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Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Spaghetti Squash

Air Fryer Strawberry Layer Cake

Closeup cake slice on plate with whole cake in the background- Savory Thoughts

Delight in the scrumptious Air Fryer Strawberry Layer Cake for any occasion. This crowd-pleasing cake, with its pretty pink layers and strawberry cream cheese frosting, will leave you craving more.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Strawberry Layer Cake

Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

stacked up mozzarella sticks

Who can resist crispy and cheesy Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks? With just a few minutes of cooking time, you can relish this fun and delectable appetizer right in the comfort of your own home.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

Air Fryer Cheese Cake

Cheesecake slice on black plate

Indulge in the heavenly goodness of Air Fryer Cheese Cake. With its creamy filling and crunchy base, this cheesecake is the perfect sweet treat that will satisfy your cravings.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Cheese Cake

Milk Buns

Milk bread rolls on a wooden cutting board

These Milk Buns are an absolute must-try! Whether you use the air fryer or the oven, these ultra-soft and fluffy bread rolls will elevate any meal. With just a few ingredients, you can relish the best milk buns you’ve ever tasted.

Go to the recipe: Milk Buns

Air Fryer Roasted Chickpeas

vegan roasted chickpeas on white plate

Looking for a healthy and addictive snack? Try these 12-Minute Air Fryer Roasted Chickpeas. Packed with protein, these crispy chickpeas are roasted to perfection in the air fryer. Customize the seasoning to suit your taste buds.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Roasted Chickpeas

Crispy Air Fried Plantain Chips

Plantain chips on black board

These Crispy Air Fryer Plantain Chips are healthy, paleo-friendly, and oh-so-crunchy. Enjoy these gluten-free snacks with a hint of salt whenever you need a flavorful pick-me-up.

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Go to the recipe: Crispy Air Fryer Plantain Chips

Air Fryer Turkey Breast

Air Fryer Turkey Breast Recipe #airfryerturkeybreast #turkeyforthanksgiving #roastedturkeybreast #herbbutterturkeybreast

Elevate your Thanksgiving turkey with this incredible Air Fryer Turkey Breast. Infused with flavors from herb butter and an orange glaze, this turkey breast will steal the spotlight.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Turkey Breast

Crispy Air Fried Okra

Air fryer okra bites in a white cone cup with yellow lining. Crispy Air Fryer Fried Okra recipe that’s easy to make and fried to a golden crispy texture. A healthier alternative to the traditional deep-fried version. One of the best okra recipes you would want to make. #airfryerfriedokra #airfryerokra #airfriedokra #freshokra #airfryerfrozenokra #friedokrarecipe

Love okra? Then you must try this Crispy Air Fryer Fried Okra. It’s the perfect healthier alternative to traditional deep-fried okra. Enjoy a golden and crispy texture without the guilt.

Go to the recipe: Crispy Air Fryer Fried Okra

Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings

close up air fryer onion ring

Satisfy your craving for crispy onion rings with these Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings. With just three ingredients, you can enjoy perfectly crunchy rings that are a breeze to make. Indulge in this easy and delightful snack.

Go to the recipe: Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got some questions about air frying? Here are some common queries answered:

Air Fryer Tips

picture of crux air fryer

  • Start by thoroughly reading the manufacturer’s manual for your Crux air fryer or any other air fryer you’re using. Familiarize yourself with specific features and instructions to make the most of your air frying experience.
  • Just like an oven, preheat your air fryer for 2-3 minutes before cooking.
  • Avoid overfilling your Crux air fryer basket. Cook your food in batches for optimal results.
  • Feel free to check on your food periodically by opening the air fryer basket. This won’t affect the cooking time, and you can resume cooking once you close the basket.

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