Creating Two Delicious Bulgur Salads: A Masterclass by Ben Ford

If you’re a fan of wholesome and nutritious salads, you’re in for a treat! Today, we dive into the world of bulgur wheat salads with the talented chef, Ben Ford. He will guide us through the creation of two unique and mouthwatering dishes that showcase the versatility of this ancient grain. So let’s get cooking and experience the magic of bulgur salads!

Creating Two Delicious Bulgur Salads: A Masterclass by Ben Ford
Creating Two Delicious Bulgur Salads: A Masterclass by Ben Ford

Salad #1: Flavorful and Hearty

To begin our culinary adventure, Chef Ford introduces a fantastic creation that highlights the richness of flavors. In a bowl, he combines a medley of leaks, dates, spring onions, and lemon oil. But that’s not all! To elevate the taste, he adds a touch of duck prosciutto, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice. As the ingredients marinate together, their flavors harmonize, creating a tantalizing symphony for our taste buds.

But wait, there’s more! Chef Ford believes in adding some freshness to his dishes. So, he effortlessly tosses in a handful of microgreens, adding a burst of color and a subtle crunch. And just like that, our first bulgur wheat salad is complete. The result is a robust and satisfying dish that combines the heartiness of grains with the finesse of gourmet flavors.

Salad #1

Salad #2: Light and Refreshing

For our next creation, Chef Ford takes a different approach, demonstrating the lighter side of bulgur salads. He begins by acknowledging the subtle flavor profile of the pickled carrots they prepare in-house. As the carrots lend a delicate tang, Chef Ford decides to enhance the pickled experience by introducing pickled fennel. Its crispness and distinct taste bring a new dimension to the salad.

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In this rendition, bulgur wheat acts as a binder, ensuring every bite is cohesive and delightful. The true stars of this dish, however, are the carrots and pickled vegetables. Their vibrant colors and tangy notes create a refreshing salad that still packs a punch. With a sprinkle of salt and pepper, Chef Ford has transformed simple ingredients into a culinary masterpiece.

Salad #2


Q1: Can I substitute bulgur wheat with other grains?
A1: While bulgur wheat adds a unique texture and flavor to these salads, you can experiment with other grains like quinoa or couscous for a different twist. Remember, the beauty of cooking lies in trying new combinations!

Q2: Can I make these salads in advance?
A2: Absolutely! Both salads can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator for a fresh and quick meal. Just remember to add any delicate ingredients, like microgreens, right before serving to maintain their texture.

Q3: Where can I find more recipes from Hook’d Up Bar and Grill?
A3: For more delectable recipes and culinary inspiration, visit the official Hook’d Up Bar and Grill website. Unleash your inner chef and explore their world of flavors!


Bulgur wheat salads offer endless possibilities to tickle your taste buds. With Chef Ben Ford’s guidance, we’ve explored two distinct takes on these versatile dishes. Whether you crave a robust and hearty salad or a lighter and refreshing option, these recipes have you covered. So gather your ingredients, unleash your creativity, and embark on a culinary journey with bulgur salads that will leave you craving more!

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