Cottage Cheese Nacho Sauce

This incredible cottage cheese queso is truly mind-blowing. It’s smooth, cheesy, high in protein, and unbelievably easy to whip up using just four simple ingredients. If you’re a fan of this recipe, you’ll definitely enjoy these Blended Cottage Cheese: High Protein Breakfast Bowls too!

The Recipe’s Background

When I discovered this viral cottage cheese queso on TikTok, I knew I had to try it. While it may not be the authentic version you’d find at your favorite Mexican restaurant, it’s still incredibly delicious and offers a healthier alternative. You can use this recipe as a high-protein cottage cheese dip for tortilla chips, a cheese sauce for your favorite tacos or burrito bowls, a topping for sheet pan nachos, or even as a dip for raw veggies.

What sets this queso apart is its high protein content. A single serving (approximately half a cup of queso!) provides an impressive 14g of protein, making it a satisfying addition to any meal or a well-balanced snack.

Now, let’s dive into what you’ll need for this super easy dip.


  • Cottage cheese: The star of this recipe is cottage cheese! I recommend using Good Culture for the best results. Don’t worry, once it’s blended, you won’t even realize it’s cottage cheese. For the creamiest texture, opt for reduced-fat or full-fat cottage cheese instead of fat-free.
  • Shredded Mexican cheese: I prefer using full-fat cheese because it adds to the creaminess and enhances the flavor.
  • Fresh garlic: Fresh garlic gives this dip a fantastic garlicky kick. If you don’t have fresh garlic on hand, you can substitute 1-2 teaspoons of garlic powder.
  • Diced green chilis: Grab a can of diced green chilis or feel free to use jalapeños as a substitute.
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How to Make It

  1. Add cottage cheese, shredded cheese, diced green chilis, and garlic clove to a high-speed blender or food processor.
  2. Blend on high until the queso dip is smooth and creamy. Taste test and season with salt, pepper, or any additional seasonings according to your preference.
  3. You can enjoy the queso dip cold, or if you prefer it warm, microwave it slowly in 15-second increments until heated through. Remember to stir in between microwave sessions. Important note: Be cautious not to overheat the queso as it may separate and lose its creamy texture. Heat it gently until it reaches the desired warmth while maintaining its creaminess.

Variations and Substitutions

  • Make it spicy: Add your favorite hot sauce, cayenne pepper, or a spicy seasoning to create a fiery queso dip!
  • Taco-seasoned queso: For an extra burst of flavor, incorporate a tablespoon or two of taco seasoning.
  • Add some tanginess: If you crave a tangy twist, include a small scoop of Greek yogurt or sour cream in your queso.
  • Sharp cheddar queso: Instead of Mexican shredded cheese, substitute sharp cheddar or your favorite shredded cheese to elevate the flavor profile.

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Remember, when you’re in the mood for a creamy and protein-packed queso dip, Hook’d Up Bar and Grill has got you covered!

Cottage Cheese Nacho Sauce

Cottage Cheese Nacho Sauce