Copper River Salmon: The Jewel of Alaskan Seafood

If you’re a seafood enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard about Copper River salmon. Renowned for its exceptional taste and quality, this type of Alaskan salmon is highly sought after by both gourmet restaurants and home cooks. But what sets Copper River salmon apart from other varieties? Let’s dive in and explore the irresistible allure of this five-star fish.

The Holy Grail of Seafood: The Wagyu of Salmon

Copper River salmon, particularly the Copper River King salmon, is often referred to as “The Wagyu of Seafood” and “The King of King Salmons.” The reason behind these lofty titles lies in its delectable, buttery texture and succulent taste. These salmon boast the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids among all salmon varieties. This is due to their natural instinct to store extra fat and energy for the arduous journey they make up the treacherous Copper River. Spanning 300 miles with towering glaciers and a staggering elevation increase of 3,600 feet, the Copper River poses one of the most challenging migratory terrains for salmon worldwide. It is this frigid and demanding expedition that gives Copper River salmon its unique flavor and velvety texture, attracting the attention of top-tier chefs, food connoisseurs, and popular fish markets year after year. And the best part? Cooking Copper River salmon is surprisingly easy, allowing you to savor its exquisite taste in the comfort of your own home.

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The First Run of the Year: Nature’s Splendid Symphony

Every year, mature salmon return to their birthplace to breed. These remarkable creatures possess an extraordinary sense of smell, which guides them back to their exact natal rivers from the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Copper River salmon, thanks to their high fat content, can withstand colder waters earlier than other salmon species. As a result, they herald the arrival of the first wild salmon run of the year. Just like the emergence of spring vegetables and seasonal fruits, the start of the Copper River salmon season is a momentous occasion eagerly anticipated by seafood enthusiasts around the world.

A Limited Delicacy: Catch It While You Can

Unlike farmed salmon that is available year-round, the availability of wild salmon is much more limited. The size and timing of wild salmon runs can vary drastically each year. Starting in mid-May, the sockeye and king salmon begin to arrive, with kings continuing to make their way up the river until mid-June. Sockeyes grace us with their presence until early August, and the majestic Coho, or Silver salmon, make their appearance in July, running until September. Once the season ends for wild salmon, it’s gone. As the undisputed home of the most exquisite salmon, the Copper River hosts the very first wild salmon run in the United States. If you want to relish the magnificent flavors of wild Alaskan salmon during the fall and winter months, planning and purchasing during the Copper River season is a must.

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Sustainability: Nature’s Balance Preserved

Salmon holds a special place in our hearts as the most popular and cherished seafood. Both wild and farmed salmon have their merits, but Copper River salmon shines in terms of sustainability. Unlike their farmed counterparts, which consume pellets often containing antibiotics and additives, Copper River salmon breed and feed in their pristine natural environment. In the wild, salmon feed on smaller fish, krill, shrimp, and other small amphipods, which enrich their color and nutritional content.

Copper River sets high standards for sustainable fishing practices. Stringent rules govern fishermen, ensuring the health and future of Alaskan salmon runs. For example, fishing nets cannot exceed 900 feet in length and must be free-flowing, allowing salmon to swim around freely. The nets are also colored, providing the fish an additional chance to see and avoid them. To prevent overfishing, specific fishing times and areas are strictly regulated. Our local Fish and Game department works tirelessly, patrolling these waters and safeguarding our precious oceans and communities.

The Gold Standard: Delightfully Alaskan

Alaska is known as the gold standard for sustainable fishing practices, with the State Constitution mandating the provision of sustainable fisheries. At Alaskan Salmon Co., a company owned and operated by local fishermen, we are committed to sustainability and empowering local communities. By leveraging the power of the internet, we have disrupted traditional supply chains, connecting consumers directly to the fishermen. Our meticulous fishing and handling processes support a more sustainable future for our oceans and communities.

Our Copper River salmon is 100% processed and packaged in the USA, reflecting our commitment to transparency and an open-door policy with our customers and local communities. By eliminating middlemen, we bring you unparalleled quality and the exquisite taste of Copper River salmon, delivered right to your doorstep.

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Fresh Copper River Salmon delivered to you!

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Indulge in the jewel of Alaskan seafood – Copper River salmon.