Cheesy Pasta: A Quick and Delicious Recipe

Do you find yourself craving a tasty pasta dish but short on time? Look no further than Pasta Cacio e Uova, a beloved Neapolitan recipe that can be whipped up in a flash with just a handful of ingredients. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating this simple yet flavorful dish.

Cheesy Pasta: A Quick and Delicious Recipe
Cheesy Pasta: A Quick and Delicious Recipe

The Secret to Success: Quality Ingredients and Proportions

As with any straightforward recipe, the key to success lies in paying attention to the proportions and quality of the ingredients. While some recipes call for olive oil, we found that using lard adds a unique depth of flavor that enhances the cheese. So, let’s start by melting three tablespoons of lard in a pan over medium-low heat.

Building the Base: Garlic-infused Lard

To infuse the lard with a gentle garlic flavor, smash two cloves of garlic instead of mincing them. By doing so, we release just the right amount of allicin, the compound responsible for garlic’s distinct taste. Add the crushed garlic to the melting lard and cook it slowly until it reaches a nice golden color, releasing its flavors.

The Perfect Combination: Eggs and Cheese

For the sauce, whisk two whole eggs until no white streaks remain. This recipe uses a 50/50 blend of Pecorino Romano cheese for its sharpness and Parmesan for its sweet, nutty flavor. Mix one ounce (half a cup) of each cheese with two tablespoons of minced parsley, a quarter teaspoon of table salt, and a quarter teaspoon of pepper.

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Bringing It All Together

Once the garlic-infused lard is ready, remove the garlic cloves and set them aside to keep warm. Now, it’s time to cook the pasta. Boil eight ounces of tubetti pasta until it’s just past al dente, as it will continue cooking with the sauce. Before draining the pasta, save some of the cooking liquid as it will help create a smooth sauce.

Combine the drained pasta with the egg and cheese mixture, the garlic-infused lard, and a tablespoon of pasta cooking liquid. Stir vigorously to melt the cheese and cook the eggs without forming lumps. The starch in the cooking liquid prevents the eggs from clumping together, resulting in a velvety sauce.

Serving and Enjoying

This dish is best served immediately while it’s still hot. The rich and decadent flavors mean you only need a small portion to satisfy your taste buds. The mixture of garlic-infused lard, eggs, and cheese creates a creamy sauce that coats the pasta perfectly.

So, next time you’re pressed for time but craving a delightful pasta dish, try making Pasta Cacio e Uova. With minimal effort and a handful of ingredients, you’ll have a delicious meal ready in no time.


1. What is the traditional substitute for lard in this recipe? While olive oil can be used as a substitute for lard, we highly recommend using lard for its unique flavor profile that complements the cheese.

2. Can I use only egg yolks instead of whole eggs? While some recipes call for using only yolks, we found that using whole eggs results in a silkier sauce. The richness from the lard eliminates the need for additional richness from plain yolks.

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3. What type of pasta works best for this dish? Tubetti pasta, a small and short pasta with a hollow center, is perfect for this recipe. The hollow center traps the creamy sauce, resulting in a delightful pasta-to-sauce ratio in each bite.


Pasta Cacio e Uova is the ultimate go-to recipe when you’re short on time but craving a delicious pasta dish. With its rich and creamy sauce, this dish is sure to impress. Give it a try, and you’ll discover how a few simple ingredients can come together to create a quick and satisfying meal.

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