Canned Salmon Pasta Made Easy

A Quick and Delicious Recipe for Creamy Salmon Pasta

I adore recipes that are both speedy and hassle-free, yet bursting with flavor. This delectable 10-minute creamy salmon pasta with a touch of garlic and rocket fits the bill perfectly.

Just because I sometimes feel a bit lazy doesn’t mean I’m willing to compromise on flavor. That’s why this recipe is perfect for those times when I want a tasty meal without putting in too much effort.

This convenient recipe utilizes ingredients that are typically found in the pantry, including canned salmon, garlic and herb cheese, and even diced frozen onion. However, if you want to elevate it to a more sophisticated level, you can opt for fresh or smoked salmon, making it dinner-party worthy.

How to Prepare 10-Minute Creamy Salmon Pasta with Garlic and Rocket

A collage of four top-down pictures showing the initial steps of making creamy salmon pasta: assembling the ingredients, frying the onion, adding the chili, and incorporating the cheese.

Step One – Begin by measuring out the ingredients. Always remember to weigh your pasta accurately. It’s easy to end up cooking too much, especially when using dried pasta. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to a boil and cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet.

Step Two – Melt the butter in a frying pan or skillet and sauté the onion until it turns a beautiful golden hue.

Step Three – Add the sliced chili to the pan.

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Step Four – Incorporate the garlic and herb soft cheese.

A top-down collage of four pictures showcasing the stages involved in making easy salmon pasta: adding the pasta water to the cheese, the finished sauce, incorporating the salmon and rocket, and the dish ready to be served.

Step Five – Skim off two tablespoons of pasta water and add it to the frying pan. Also, add the zest and squeeze in some lemon juice.

Step Six – Melt the cheese mixture over low heat until you achieve a smooth and creamy sauce. Add a little more pasta water if necessary.

Step Seven – Flake the salmon into chunks using a fork. Drain the cooked pasta and combine it with the sauce, salmon, and rocket. Season generously with black pepper.

Step Eight – Gently mix everything together and serve immediately.

Top tip when making any pasta sauce

To ensure a silky smooth sauce that coats the pasta evenly and truly enhances the dish, always incorporate a small amount of pasta water into the sauce.

A top-down picture showcasing a dish of 10-minute creamy salmon pasta.

Hints and Tips for Perfectly Creamy Salmon Pasta with Garlic and Rocket

  • Want to elevate this dish for a dinner party? Use premium-quality fresh pasta and substitute the lemon juice with a splash of white wine.
  • When a recipe calls for half an onion, chop the entire onion and freeze the unused portion in an airtight container for future use. The same goes for leftover chili.
  • Omit the chili if you prefer a milder flavor.
  • This recipe is very forgiving when it comes to quantities, and it offers a generous amount of salmon. Feel free to add extra pasta to serve three or even four.
  • When reheating leftovers in the microwave, add a spoonful of water to prevent drying out.
  • Add extra vegetables to make this creamy salmon pasta even more nourishing. We have plenty of ideas on how to incorporate additional veggies into pasta dishes.
  • Experiment with different flavors of cream cheese to give the recipe a unique twist.
  • For those who enjoy the vibrant taste of coriander/cilantro, add a handful to enhance the dish’s flavors.
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Other Delightful Ways to Utilize Canned Salmon

  • Mix it with Greek yogurt or mayonnaise for a quick fish pâté or a topping for baked potatoes.
  • Combine it with rice, hard-boiled eggs, and chopped chives or spring onions for a cheat’s kedgeree.
  • Flake it into tomato or marinara sauce and add capers to create a speedy pasta sauce.
  • Mix it with breadcrumbs and egg to form delicious salmon burgers.
  • Create a salmon sushi bowl.
  • Wrap it in ready-made puff pastry for a delightful salmon en croûte.
  • Incorporate it into a basic quiche with the addition of asparagus.
  • Serve it in a classic salmon and cucumber sandwich.
  • Use it as a key ingredient in a fish pie.

This recipe was originally posted in April 2019 but has been rewritten and republished with new instructions, tips, and tricks in May 2020.

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