We Took on the Viral Challenge of Cooking Steak in a Toaster – The Surprising Results

Before Sky’s popular mid-noughties science show Brainiac, presenter Richard Hammond would always caution, “We do these experiments so you don’t have to – do not try this at home.” Although Brainiac is no longer around, this message remains as relevant as ever.

Driven by curiosity and the pursuit of culinary science, we decided to try one of the more unconventional cooking methods that has been making waves on the internet. Inspired by a viral TikTok video, we set out to determine if it is actually possible to cook a delicious steak in a toaster.

The outcome surpassed our expectations, proving that unconventional methods can yield interesting results. However, we must stress that this method is undeniably nerve-wracking and not recommended for amateur cooks.

So, to save other adventurous souls from potential disaster, here’s a detailed account of what happens when you attempt to cook a steak in a toaster. But remember, this is strictly for entertainment purposes—please, do not try this at home.

Steak in a toaster

Cooking Steak in a Toaster

The original viral TikTok recipe, which has amassed over 1 million likes, makes the process appear incredibly easy. According to the clip posted by user @itsmeju1iette, all you need to do is slide your steak into the toaster and wait. However, in our experience, things are far more complex.

First and foremost, cooking the steak properly requires more than one round in the toaster. During our experiment, it took two cycles at the second-highest setting to achieve a medium-rare steak.

Toaster steak and pan steak

Not only is there a significant risk involved, but as the fat renders, the toaster becomes volatile, sizzling and spitting like an agitated creature. It feels as if the whole thing is about to explode rather than produce a delicious meal.

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For safety reasons, we decided to cook the steak outside, away from any potential fire hazards. Although nothing caught fire on this occasion, it’s clear that this is not the most sensible way to handle your meat.

Moreover, basting becomes quite challenging. Adding hot butter to a toaster is tantamount to inviting disaster, so the meat might lack the full flavor potential.

However, despite the heart-pounding anxiety and the need for a double toasting, the end results were surprisingly delightful.

The Verdict

To put our toasted creation to the test, we cooked a traditional steak using conventional methods for a fair comparison. It’s safe to say that the traditional method offers distinct advantages.

Cooking the steak in a pan allows for the development of a flavorful brown crust that enhances the steak’s taste. Additionally, you can add aromatic ingredients like thyme, garlic, and butter to infuse even more depth into the meat.

Toaster steak

That being said, the toaster-cooked steak was not a disappointment. It emerged medium-rare, still tender and juicy. While the appearance may have been slightly gray and unappetizing, overall, the results were far from the nauseating fire hazard we had anticipated; in fact, we would go as far as saying it was quite delicious.

Considering the potential risks involved, we cannot endorse cooking steak in a toaster. Just because we didn’t burn down the kitchen doesn’t mean you won’t.

However, if you find yourself without any pans and have access to top-notch fire safety equipment, this method could work in a pinch.

We’re not suggesting that this will become our go-to steak-cooking method. Nevertheless, given our initial apprehensions, we consider this experiment a resounding success.

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But once again, we must emphasize: please, do not try this at home.

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