Sheet Pan Steak Dinner – A Delectable One-Pan Wonder!

Indulge in the ultimate steak experience with this mouthwatering sheet pan dinner. Picture this: a juicy, broiled steak seasoned with garlic, rosemary, and thyme, accompanied by perfectly roasted baby potatoes, charred asparagus, juicy tomato bombs, and crispy Parmesan cheese. All this goodness cooked to perfection on a single pan in your oven. And the best part? It’s ready in just 30 minutes!

The Magic of One Pan

Forget about complicated cooking and cleaning up multiple dishes. This steak dinner is a one pan wonder! It’s incredibly easy to make and even easier to clean up. Plus, the whole meal is prepared in the oven, allowing you to relax while the flavors meld together beautifully. Isn’t that the ultimate cooking convenience?

Don’t fancy asparagus? No problem! You can easily substitute it with your favorite vegetables. Whether it’s green beans, broccoli, or carrots, customize this dinner to your liking. After all, life is all about embracing the beauty of choices!

P.S. While this meal is already a star on its own, if you’re hosting guests or simply want something extra, consider adding creamy Tuscan mushrooms or easy sautéed mushrooms as a delightful side dish.

About this Steak Dinner

This recipe is all about simplicity without compromising on flavor. The highlight? Cooking the entire meal on a single sheet pan. However, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of recipe. You’ll need to be present in the kitchen to add ingredients to the pan at different stages. After all, you wouldn’t want to overcook your steak while the potatoes are still baking!

You don’t have to worry, though. I’ll guide you through the process with helpful tips and information.

What You’ll Need

  • Steak: Choose any grilling steak like top sirloin, tri-tip, flank steak, or NY strip. Aim for a thickness of about one and a half inches. Plan for 6-8 oz. per person, depending on the appetite.
  • Baby Potatoes: Opt for your favorite variety – red, yellow, purple, or mix them up. If you can’t find baby potatoes, you can chop tender-skinned larger potatoes into 1-inch chunks.
  • Asparagus: Asparagus adds a lovely color contrast, but feel free to use other vegetables like green beans or broccoli.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: Roasted tomatoes bring a burst of acidity and juiciness to the dinner.
  • Olive Oil: You can substitute avocado oil or grapeseed oil if you prefer.
  • Parmesan Cheese: The crispy bits of cheese will elevate the flavors. However, feel free to omit it if you prefer a non-dairy option.
  • Garlic: Fresh minced garlic enhances the flavors of the roasted vegetables and steak. Adjust the amount according to your preference.
  • Fresh Thyme and Rosemary: These herbs pack a punch of aromatic flavor that perfectly complements hearty steaks. If fresh herbs aren’t available, dried herbs can be used as a substitute.
  • Salt and Pepper: Coarse salt and coarsely ground black pepper add texture and bursts of flavor.
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How to Make This Dinner

Start by taking the steak out of the fridge to let it come to room temperature while you prepare the other ingredients. This ensures even cooking and a perfectly juicy steak. Preheat your oven and get your trusty sheet pan ready.

Wash and dry the potatoes thoroughly. Dry potatoes roast better, as excessive moisture can create steam. You want intense dry heat for that perfect roast. If the baby potatoes are quite large, cut them in half. Aim for uniform-sized potatoes for even cooking.

Toss the potatoes with oil, garlic, and seasoning before placing them in the oven. These will take the longest to roast, so they deserve a head start.

Next, prepare the asparagus and tomatoes. Snap off the woody ends of the asparagus and leave the spears whole or chop them into bite-sized pieces, depending on your preference. Remember to pat dry the asparagus and tomatoes.

In a small bowl, combine oil, herbs, garlic, seasonings, and half of the cheese. Spoon half of this mixture onto the steaks.

Take out the partially roasted potatoes from the oven and switch the oven to broil. Use a spatula to make room for the rest of the ingredients. Imagine the sheet pan divided into quarters: potatoes in one, tomatoes in another, asparagus in the third, and steak in the last.

Drizzle a bit of olive oil over the tomatoes and asparagus, and sprinkle them with the remaining cheese.

It’s time to put that pan back in the oven! Broil for 4 minutes, then carefully flip the steaks and shake the pan to ensure even browning of the veggies. If you prefer, you can use a spatula to move the veggies around instead of shaking the pan.

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Return the pan to the oven and broil for an additional 4 to 6 minutes, depending on your desired doneness for the steak. If the veggies are getting too brown, cover them with foil.

Plate the dinners, dividing the potatoes, asparagus, and tomatoes evenly. Add a steak to each plate and serve!

This flavorful meal stands on its own, but a glass of wine would be the perfect accompaniment. Choose a Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, or Merlot for a red wine pairing. If you prefer beer, opt for a stout, IPA, or any full-bodied variety.

Cheers to the cook and enjoy your well-deserved feast!


Make It Your Own

  • Try different vegetables: Not a fan of asparagus or it’s not in season? Swap it out with green beans, broccoli, sugar snap peas, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, or any other vegetable you love. Carrots, onions, or sweet potatoes can also be roasted alongside or instead of the potatoes.
  • Cooking for two? This recipe is easily halved for a smaller portion.
  • Make it low carb or keto: Skip the potatoes and substitute them with diced turnips, cauliflower, or another low-carb vegetable of your choice.
  • Use dry herbs instead of fresh: If you prefer to skip fresh herbs and opt for convenience, substitute one tablespoon of dry Italian seasoning for the fresh garlic, rosemary, and thyme.
  • Looking for a faster option?: If you’re short on time, try garlic butter steak bites or a quick beef stir fry with vegetables.

Make-Ahead Ideas

  • Prep the potatoes up to a day ahead: Place them in a covered bowl or resealable bag with oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. They’ll be ready for the first roasting step when dinner time arrives.
  • Prep the asparagus and tomatoes: Stir up the Parmesan cheese, garlic, and seasoning mixture in advance, and store it in the fridge. This way, you’ll have a head start when it’s time to cook.
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Storage & Reheating Suggestions

  • Refrigerate: Store any leftover steak and vegetables in the fridge for up to three days.
  • Reheat: Choose from the following methods:
    • Microwave: Heat for 1 to 2 minutes.
    • Oven: Preheat to 350°F, arrange the leftovers in a single layer, cover with foil, and reheat for about 10 minutes or until warm.
    • Air Fryer: Preheat to 330-350°F, add the leftovers, and heat for 2 to 4 minutes until warm. We recommend the oven or air fryer methods for the best results, as microwaving leftover meat can sometimes make it tough.

Leftover Love

  • Make a hearty steak salad: Prepare a plate of your favorite greens, slice the steak and vegetables into bite-sized pieces, and gently reheat them. Arrange them on top of the greens and drizzle with your choice of dressing. Honey mustard vinaigrette, homemade Italian dressing, or red wine vinaigrette would all work wonderfully.

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