Introducing Cadejo Hot Sauce: Spice Up Your 2023 with Hot Ones Season 20

2023 has arrived, and with it comes a brand new season of Hot Ones, the ultimate hot sauce challenge. In Season 20, our beloved host Sean is back with a lineup of the most unique, tastiest, and spiciest hot sauces on the planet. Get ready for a scorching adventure that will leave you sweating, satisfied, and craving for more!

Hot Ones The Classic Chilli Maple Hot Sauce: A Sweet Heat Delight

We kick off this fiery journey with an old favorite, Hot Ones The Classic Chilli Maple Hot Sauce. After its successful debut in Season 19, this orange-labeled sauce returns with its sweet heat to welcome celebrities to the table. It’s the warm hug they need before facing the Scoville onslaught. Trust us when we say, it’s the greatest Classic we’ve ever made. If you’re a fan of that delightful chili maple flavor, this sauce is a must-try.

Shaquanda’s Banjee Ranch Hot Sauce: A Ranch-Inspired Delight

Move on to one of the biggest debates in the chicken wing-eating world ― ranch versus blue cheese. No matter which side you choose, you’ll definitely be a fan of our number two sauce: Shaquanda’s Banjee Ranch Hot Sauce. This unique creation adds a creamy, smooth texture to your wings, thanks to an unexpected ingredient: tahini. Shoutout to Shaquandas and Vince Staples for creating such a fantastic sauce that we’ve held onto in our studio.

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The Donis Cadejo Hot Sauce: A Supernatural Attack of Flavor

Now, onto number three, where things get especially intense. Feast your eyes on The Donis Cadejo Hot Sauce. Take a closer look at the label ― it’s by far the most intimidating label we’ve ever featured in the first half of the gauntlet. But don’t let its appearance scare you away. This sauce, named after a supernatural spirit, packs a punch with its mix of habanero peppers, garlic, and black pepper. It’s like having a loyal guard dog by your side, always ready to attack your taste buds.

Hot Ones Los Calientes Verde Hot Sauce: Summer Heat in the Winter

In the number four spot, we bring back a fan favorite: Hot Ones Los Calientes Verde Hot Sauce. Even though it’s known as a sauce of summer, it’s just as good at battling the winter chill. Trust the words of Tom Segura when he said, “If I were in the market to buy one of these, I’d get this one first.” Its vibrant flavors and perfect balance of heat make it an absolute winner.

Brooklyn Delhi Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce: Indian Culinary Boost

Now, we’re halfway through the gauntlet, and things are about to take a flavorful turn. Brooklyn Delhi Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce honors Indian culinary traditions. It combines a tomato masala base with India’s famed Bhut Jolokia peppers, also known as ghost peppers. Brace yourself for the sharp heat of this number five sauce, which adds a unique twist to your taste buds.

Torchbearer Sauces Mushroom Mayhem Hot Sauce: Bonkers Flavor Explosion

Number six brings us to a sauce created by our cool friends at Torchbearer. Brace yourself for Mushroom Mayhem Hot Sauce, a condiment that takes you on a wild ride. With the meatiness of portobellos and tangy red wine vinegar, it eats more like a steak sauce. But be warned: the Scoville level lets you know you’re now in the back half of the gauntlet.

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Angry Goat Dreams of Calypso Hot Sauce: Heat with a Caribbean Twist

Moving on to number eight, Angry Goat Dreams of Calypso brings the sizzle to the back half. This heat-seeking sauce channels the flavors of the Caribbean with a blend of pineapple, mango, and bell peppers. Brace yourself for a mermaid tail smack to the face from its potent 7-pot Primo mash. This sauce will definitely make your taste buds dance to the rhythm of the islands.

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce: A Legendary Heat

Hello darkness, my old friend… We couldn’t imagine a Hot Ones lineup without our beloved Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce. The fans have spoken, and it’s clear that Da Bomb must stay. So, once again, we humbly sacrifice ourselves for you spice lords. Brace yourself for the unforgettable heat that only Da Bomb can deliver. It’s a challenge you won’t want to miss.

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Taco Vibes Only Hot Sauce: Take Taco Tuesday to the Next Level

Number nine brings us Butterfly Bakery’s Taco Vibes Only Hot Sauce. With lime juice, cumin, and coriander, this sauce brings the taco vibes to 11. But wait, there’s more! The Carolina Reapers and Ghost Peppers in this sauce take it to a whole new level. They bring the heat that will knock your taste buds off the rails, creating the perfect moment to ask those burning questions.

Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce: Reaching New Heights

Finally, we reach the summit of Mount Scoville with Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce. With its stunning gold label, this sauce is as beautiful and breathtaking as it is predictable. Made with Smokin’ Ed’s infamous Apollo Pepper, it’s as close to the sun’s heat as most of us will ever get. Brace yourself for a literal and metaphorical journey of pain as the heat penetrates every part of your body.

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Prepare yourself for the mouth-watering, tear-inducing, and unforgettable experience of Hot Ones Season 20. The celebrities will suffer, the sauces will shine, and the heat will be turned up to the max. Don’t miss the first episode premiering on Thursday, January 26. Mark it on your calendar, set a reminder, or stick a Post-It note on your fridge ― just make sure you’re there to witness the brave souls facing the new lineup of hot sauces.

As always, you can find the full Hot Ones Season 20 Hot Sauce Lineup reveal episode on YouTube. And if you want to spice up your own meals, check out Hook’d Up Bar and Grill’s selection of hot sauces at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill. Get ready for a hot and spicy adventure you won’t forget!