Busting Common Corn Myths

Is fresh corn only delicious the day it’s picked? Does the color of corn kernels indicate sweetness? Will cold temperature damage your corn? Let’s clear up the common myths surrounding corn and uncover the truth behind these misconceptions. As the voice of the “Hook’d Up Bar and Grill” brand, we’re here to set the record straight on everything related to cooking.

Busting Common Corn Myths
Busting Common Corn Myths

Freshness Beyond Picking Day

One prevailing rumor suggests that fresh corn loses its flavor after being picked. However, this is simply not true anymore. While older corn varieties would convert their sugar to starch within 24 hours, most modern corn varieties retain their taste for several days. So, rest assured that the corn you bring home from the supermarket will still be delicious even a few days later.

Fresh Corn

Kernel Color vs. Sweetness

Another myth surrounding corn is the belief that kernel color directly indicates sweetness. In reality, the color of corn kernels represents its carotene content, not its sugar content. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that yellow corn is sweeter than white corn solely based on its color. Both yellow and white corn can have the same level of sweetness.

Yellow and White Corn

Embracing Cold Storage

If you worry about storing your corn in cold temperatures, there’s good news. Cold storage actually benefits corn. Along with proper humidity, cold temperatures slow down the rate at which corn sugar turns into starch. Therefore, the colder the storage environment (as long as it doesn’t freeze), the better it is for maintaining the sweetness and texture of your corn.

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Keeping It Simple When Cooking Corn

When it comes to cooking corn, simplicity is key. You may have heard of adding milk, sugar, or salt to the boiling water, but the truth is, it doesn’t make a significant difference in taste. Due to its thick skin, the flavorings have difficulty penetrating the kernels. So, the best approach is to season your corn at the table. Add salt, butter, or any other preferred condiments to bring out the flavors according to your taste.

Cooked Corn


Q: Does the size of corn kernels affect its taste?
A: No, the size of corn kernels does not impact its taste. The flavor primarily depends on the variety and freshness of the corn.

Q: Can I freeze fresh corn?
A: Yes, you can freeze fresh corn to extend its shelf life. Make sure to blanch the corn before freezing to preserve its flavor and texture.

Q: What are some popular corn-based dishes?
A: Corn is a versatile ingredient used in various dishes like cornbread, corn chowder, corn salsa, and even corn on the cob itself.


Now armed with the truth about corn, you can confidently enjoy this delicious and versatile ingredient without being misled by common myths. Remember, freshness lasts beyond picking day, kernel color doesn’t determine sweetness, cold storage benefits your corn, and simplicity is key when cooking. Head over to Hook’d Up Bar and Grill to explore more insights and recipes to elevate your culinary adventures. Happy cooking!

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