Retaining the Essence of Bulk Pork Sausage

Bulk Pork Sausage

Bulk sausage, also known as “sausage in a can,” is a versatile and delicious meat that can be enjoyed in various ways. Unlike traditional sausage, which is encased in a natural casing, bulk sausage is not formed into patties or put in a casing. Instead, it is vacuum-sealed and sold in rolls or tubes.

What Makes Bulk Pork Sausage Different?

While traditional sausage is ground pork seasoned with spices and stuffed into a casing, bulk sausage is made differently. It doesn’t have a casing and is usually vacuum-sealed. You can find it at your local supermarket or, for the best quality, visit your local butcher shop.

Preparing and Serving Bulk Pork Sausage

To prepare bulk pork sausage, there are three methods for defrosting, depending on how it’s packed. The safest method is to defrost it in the refrigerator, allowing it to thaw slowly. Another option is to use the microwave, though it’s important to prevent browning and cook it immediately to avoid bacterial growth. The third method involves thawing the sealed and vacuum-packed sausage under cold running water.

Now, let’s explore some delicious recipes for bulk sausage.

Bulk Sausage Patties: A Homemade Delight

Bulk Sausage Patties

If you want to make your own bulk sausage patties, you can easily do so without any fancy equipment. All you need is some ground pork and a few common spices from your pantry. By making your own sausage, you have control over the flavor and can adjust the spices according to your taste.

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Here’s a simple recipe you can try:


  • 1lb ground pork
  • 5 tsp kosher salt
  • 5 tsp black pepper
  • 5 tsp thyme
  • 5 tsp sage
  • 1 tsp dark brown sugar
  • 1/4 tsp allspice

Additionally, you can add a touch of nutmeg, cayenne, onion powder, and red pepper flakes for an extra kick (optional).

Begin by washing your hands and putting the ground pork into a bowl. In another bowl, combine all the seasonings and mix them with the pork using your hands until well-blended. Shape the mixture into patties, each weighing about 2 oz. Fry the patties in a pan for approximately 10 minutes until both sides are browned. Use a food thermometer to ensure the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F.

Serve the patties plain or as a side for pancakes and waffles. You can also enjoy them sandwiched between an English muffin or bagel, just like your favorite fast-food breakfast sandwiches. If you have leftovers or want to make a larger batch, freeze the patties in an airtight container, separating them with wax paper to prevent sticking.

Canning Sausage Patties: A Delicious Breakfast Treat

Canned Sausage Patties

Another way to enjoy bulk sausage is by canning it. Although it requires a pressure canner, making your own canned sausage is worth the effort. Follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare the sausage using the previous recipe or your preferred sausage recipe.
  2. Shape the sausage into thin patties using the mouth of a pint-size jar.
  3. Fry the patties until they are golden brown. They don’t need to cook completely as the pressure canner will finish the cooking process.
  4. Drain the patties and remove excess fat by placing them on a paper towel.
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Stack the patties in pint jars, leaving about 1 inch of headspace. Fill the jars with hot water to the same level, removing air bubbles with a rubber spatula. Wipe the jar rims with a paper towel dampened with vinegar to ensure a tight seal. Place a hot lid and ring on each jar, tightening them as much as possible. Process the jars in a pressure canner for 75 minutes at 10lb of pressure (or 11lb if using a dial gauge). After cooling, label the jars with the production date and contents.

Variations of Pork Sausages Worth Trying

There are countless types of pork sausages to explore beyond bulk sausage. Here are a few examples you can experiment with:

  1. Andouille: A Cajun sausage commonly used in dishes like gumbo and jambalaya.
  2. Chorizo: A spicy pork sausage flavored with chili, garlic, and other delicious spices. Perfect for tacos, burritos, and omelets.
  3. Italian: A classic sausage known for its spicy and flavorful profile. Fennel, anise, and red pepper are some of the key ingredients.

In Conclusion, when it comes to bulk sausage, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer a spicy or milder flavor, making your own sausage allows you to tailor the taste to your liking. And the best part is, you don’t need fancy equipment or culinary expertise to create mouthwatering homemade bulk sausage patties. So go ahead, impress your loved ones with this delectable breakfast treat.

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