Are Bloody Marys Compatible with the Keto Diet?

Are you a fan of Bloody Marys but following the keto diet? The good news is that you don’t have to give up this popular cocktail. While traditional Bloody Mary recipes are high in carbs, we have a delicious alternative that fits perfectly into a low-carb or keto lifestyle.

Understanding the Ketogenic Diet

Before we dive into the details, let’s quickly define the ketogenic diet. Originally used as a treatment for epilepsy in the 1920s, the keto diet has gained popularity in recent years. It revolves around the concept of ketosis, whereby your body burns fat as its primary energy source instead of carbohydrates. To achieve ketosis, it’s essential to limit your daily net carb intake to under 50 grams, ideally below 20 grams. The fewer carbs you consume, the more effective the diet becomes.

The Challenge of Traditional Bloody Marys

Unfortunately, the classic Bloody Mary, with its high-carb tomato juice and mixers, doesn’t align with the keto diet. A typical Bloody Mary can contain as much as 10-12 net carbs per serving, which can quickly push you over your daily carb limit. But fear not, because we have a solution that not only reduces the carb content but also enhances the taste of your favorite cocktail.

Introducing Stu’s Keto-Friendly Bloody Mary Mix

Meet Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate, the perfect companion for a low-carb or keto lifestyle. What sets Stu’s apart is its carefully crafted recipe that eliminates tomato juice, a significant source of carbs in traditional mixes. With only 5-10 calories per serving and zero carbs, you can enjoy a delicious Bloody Mary without compromising your keto diet.

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Stu’s is made with a pickle brine base and features all-natural ingredients, ensuring a gluten-free and MSG-free experience. By using Stu’s concentrate instead of traditional mixes, you can reduce the amount of higher-carb tomato juice while still enjoying the full flavor of a Bloody Mary.

A Low-Carb Bloody Mary Recipe to Savor

Finally, let’s put all the pieces together and create a tantalizing low-carb Bloody Mary using Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 4 Ounces of quality tomato juice (try RW Knudsen, with only 4g net carbs)
  • 2-3 ounces of Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate (zero carbs)
  • 2 Ounces of Vodka (zero carbs; you can even try Bacon Vodka for an extra twist)
  • Crushed Bacon (for a delicious salt rim)


  1. Crush three strips of bacon either in a food processor or by hand, turning them into tiny bits.
  2. Wet the rim of a highball glass with a few drops of water and roll the bacon bits along the rim.
  3. Add ice to the glass.
  4. Pour in the tomato juice.
  5. Add Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate and stir.
  6. Add your preferred choice of vodka.
  7. Stir gently (avoid shaking).
  8. Skip the garnish and savor your flavorful low-carb Bloody Mary.

Please note that while this cocktail can be a tasty option on the keto plan, no alcoholic drink is considered “healthy.” However, with our low-carb twist, you can enjoy a satisfying Bloody Mary without straying from your keto goals. So go ahead, give it a try, and let us know how you like this Keto Bloody Mary creation. Cheers!

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To learn more about Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate and discover other delicious recipes, visit the Hook’d Up Bar and Grill website.

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