Amish Butter: A Delicious and Versatile Butter for All Your Culinary Creations

What Makes Amish Butter Special?

Amish butter is not your average butter. This delectable high butterfat butter is sold in one-to-two-pound rolls or logs, making it perfect for all your cooking and baking needs. Whether you’re spreading it on popcorn, slathering it on toast, or using it as a key ingredient in your favorite recipes, Amish butter is sure to elevate the flavors to a whole new level.

Is Amish Butter Authentic?

You may have come across those charming Amish butter rolls wrapped in parchment or waxed paper at your local supermarket. While they may appear to be lovingly handcrafted by the Amish community, it’s important to note that most Amish butter found in stores is not actually produced by the Amish. It is simply a style of butter that resembles the traditional Amish way of making butter.

What Sets Amish Butter Apart?

Difference in Shape and Texture

The primary difference between Amish butter and regular butter lies in their shape. Regular butter is typically sold in ¼-pound sticks, while Amish butter is often hand-rolled into a substantial log shape. This unique form adds to the butter’s charm and gives it a distinct character.

Higher Butterfat Content

Another noteworthy difference is the butterfat content. While American-style butter generally contains at least 80% butterfat, Amish butter can reach an impressive 84-85% butterfat. This higher butterfat content gives Amish butter a rich and creamy texture, akin to European-style butter like Kerrygold.

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Explore the World of Amish Butter Brands

If you’re eager to dive into the world of Amish butter, here are some popular brands that you can find in stores and online:

  • Minerva Butter (from Minerva Dairy)
  • Culinary Tours Amish Roll Butter
  • Alcam Creamery Amish Country Hand Rolled Butter
  • Amish Country Roll Butter
  • Pearl Valley Cheese Amish Country Roll Butter
  • Heritage Ridge Creamery Butter (company started by an Amish man in 1979)
  • Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe Old Fashioned Amish Butter Roll
  • Pinconning Cheese Co. Amish Butter Roll

Please note that some brands may produce salted roll butter that does not carry the “Amish-style” label. Kroger store brand offers one such option. Additionally, you can explore international alternatives such as Lescure butter rolls from France or TekSut rolled butter from Turkey.

Embrace the Benefits of Amish Butter

Amish butter offers several advantages that make it a favorite among culinary enthusiasts:

Keto-Friendly and Low Carb

For those following a low-carb or ketogenic diet, Amish butter is an excellent choice. With zero grams of net carbs, it adds rich flavor and decadence to your meals without compromising your dietary goals. While it’s important to consume fats mindfully, Amish butter can be enjoyed as a part of a well-rounded eating plan.

Gluten-Free Goodness

If you’re on a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, you’ll be glad to know that butter is naturally gluten-free. Amish butter serves as a safe and delicious option to elevate your gluten-free recipes.

All-Natural Indulgence

Amish butter aligns perfectly with the growing preference for minimally processed foods. Unlike highly processed oils, you can easily make butter at home using just two ingredients: pasteurized cream and salt. By choosing Amish butter, you can savor the taste of natural ingredients and enjoy the satisfaction of a homemade culinary creation.

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Unforgettable Flavor

Amish butter has a distinctive taste that sets it apart from regular butter. With its higher butterfat content, it offers a creamier texture and a more complex flavor profile. Once you’ve experienced the richness and depth of Amish butter, you’ll find it hard to go back to ordinary butter.

How to Make Amish Butter at Home

Making your own Amish butter is a rewarding experience that allows you to fully appreciate the craftsmanship involved. While there are different methods to make butter, we recommend using a small food processor or a mini chopper for ease and efficiency.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Pour heavy cream (along with a pinch of salt, if desired) into the food processor.
  2. Blend until the cream turns into whipped cream, taking around 2 minutes.
  3. Continue blending until the buttermilk separates from the butter, which usually takes less than 5 minutes.
  4. Carefully remove the butter from the buttermilk, saving the leftover buttermilk for other recipes.
  5. Place the butter in a bowl of cold water and squeeze out any remaining buttermilk.
  6. Repeat the process of rinsing and squeezing the butter with fresh water until the water remains clear.
  7. Shape the butter into a log or use molds for a more aesthetically pleasing presentation.
  8. If using molds, freeze the butter-filled molds to easily remove the butter later.

Storage Tips for Amish Butter

To ensure the freshness and quality of your Amish butter:

  • Keep it refrigerated in its original packaging for up to one month.
  • For long-term storage, place the butter in a freezer bag, removing any excess air, and freeze for up to one year.
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If you’ve made your own butter, keep in mind that homemade butter may not last as long as store-bought. Typically, it can be refrigerated for 1-3 weeks, depending on how much buttermilk has been removed during the process.

Amish Butter: Measuring and Usage

To measure Amish butter effectively, there are a couple of methods you can use:

  • Weigh the butter (14 grams equals one tablespoon).
  • Utilize measuring spoons for accuracy.

When it comes to incorporating Amish butter into your culinary repertoire, the possibilities are endless. You can use it in any recipe that calls for regular butter. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Try it in Kodiak Cake Cookies for an extra burst of flavor.
  • Enhance the moistness and richness of Blueberry Protein Muffins.
  • Melt it over Pancakes or Air Fryer Frozen Waffles for a delicious breakfast treat.
  • Create a decadent Amish butter Cheese Sauce that will elevate any dish.

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