Air Fryer Turkey Bacon: A Protein-Packed Breakfast Side Dish


Can you cook turkey bacon in an air fryer? Absolutely! Discover how to air fry turkey bacon for a quick and healthy breakfast option. With only 10 minutes of cooking time, this low-carb and keto-friendly dish is perfect for pork-free diets. Let’s dive in!

air fryer turkey bacon

How to Cook Turkey Bacon in an Air Fryer Oven

Cooking turkey bacon in an air fryer is incredibly simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Place the bacon strips in a single layer on an air fryer tray.
  2. If using a small air fryer basket, you may need to cut the bacon strips in half.
  3. Air fry at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for a total of 10 minutes, flipping halfway through.

The Benefits of Turkey Bacon

While the taste preference for bacon varies among individuals, here are some reasons you might consider cooking turkey bacon:

  • Taste: Some people prefer the flavor of turkey bacon over pork bacon.
  • Fits certain dietary needs: Turkey bacon is suitable for those with religious or cultural dietary restrictions.
  • Easy cleanup: Turkey bacon is less greasy than pork bacon, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Lower fat and calories: Turkey bacon is generally leaner than pork bacon and can be a low-carb and keto-friendly option.
  • Versatile: Use turkey bacon as a side dish or as an ingredient in various recipes.

Ingredients and Equipment

To make air fryer turkey bacon, you only need one ingredient: turkey bacon itself. No cooking oil spray is necessary. For equipment, an air fryer is all you need.

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Cooking Time and Temperature

Air fry turkey bacon at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, flipping halfway through. Adjust the cooking times slightly based on your air fryer model. Aim for a balance between avoiding burnt edges and maintaining the bacon’s moisture.

Leftovers and Usage Ideas

Leftover turkey bacon can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Reheat in the microwave for 10 seconds per strip or in an air fryer set to 350F for 2-3 minutes. Explore these ideas to make the most of your air-fried turkey bacon:

  • Serve with Greek yogurt blueberry pancakes, eggs, and fruit for a satisfying breakfast.
  • Create a classic BLT sandwich or add turkey bacon to your air fryer burgers.
  • Crumble it up and incorporate it into recipes like air fryer potato skins, keto loaded air fryer radishes, best Cobb salad, or New England shrimp chowder.
  • Wrap turkey bacon around asparagus, shrimp, or scallops for a delightful twist.
  • Try making turkey bacon jerky or use it in your favorite recipes that call for pork bacon.

Expert Tips from a Dietitian

While turkey bacon is an ultra-processed food, it offers lean protein and fits well into low-calorie and low-carb meal plans. Consider incorporating eggs and fruit for a light yet satisfying meal. Remember, the nutrition information provided is an estimate and may vary depending on the brand and ingredients you use. Consult a registered dietitian or your physician for personalized dietary advice.


Air fryer turkey bacon is a quick and protein-packed breakfast side dish that appeals to various dietary preferences. Whether you’re looking for a low-carb option, following a pork-free diet, or simply seeking a different taste, cooking turkey bacon in an air fryer is a delicious choice. Enjoy the simplicity and versatility of this easy recipe!

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