A Culinary Adventure Filled with Magic and Vengeance

Review: A Thousand Recipes for Revenge by Beth Cato

A Thousand Recipes for Revenge by Beth Cato is a captivating eARC that takes readers on an exhilarating journey brimming with thrilling exploits, mouthwatering culinary sorcery, and a touch of just retribution. It unfolds in a world on the edge of conflict, where Ada Garland, an exceptional Chef blessed with an empathic connection to food and wine, embarks on a treacherous quest for freedom and justice alongside her long-lost daughter, Solenn. As their paths intertwine, they become entangled in a web of mystery and vengeance that threatens to tear them apart. The first installment in the Chefs of the Five Gods series, this epic fantasy will undoubtedly leave readers craving more.

A Gift from the Gods

Ada Garland possesses a unique and magical talent bestowed upon her by the God of Enigmas and the Unknown. With her ability to discern the true essence of each ingredient, Ada can concoct the perfect dish, satisfying the deepest cravings of those who partake. Her palate serves as a conduit for magic, enabling her to discern whether a dish is contaminated, poorly executed, or a delectable masterpiece. However, her gift comes at a cost – serving the royal court and the divinely appointed rulers of Verdania. After bearing witness to countless injustices and bloodshed, Ada abandons her post, embarking on a solitary path, accompanied by her Grand-mère.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Ada’s world is thrown into disarray when assassins discover her hiding place after sixteen years on the run. As they flee for their lives, Ada and her beloved Grand-mère stumble upon an unlikely ally – Solenn, a foreign princess with her own gastronomic gift. Solenn is betrothed to a prince who becomes the target of a sinister plot orchestrated by the hostile forces of Albion, a rival country. As Ada and Solenn’s paths intersect, they must confront a shared adversary from Ada’s past while reconciling their familial bond. Sacrifices will be made, and hope will be tested as mighty gods choose sides in an impending war.

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The Lingering Aftertaste of Vengeance

In this world governed by five gods, revenge is a dish best left untouched. The ability to enhance and perceive the qualities of food represents the loftiest form of magic, but revenge carries a bitter flavor that tarnishes even the most exquisite dishes. Ada and Solenn find themselves caught in a revenge scheme that reaches beyond the grave, endangering their lives and the secrets they hold dear. With the unfolding of the story, Ada’s former comrades are ruthlessly murdered, exposing her concealed existence to the world. Even the gods themselves become entangled, introducing unforeseen complications to an already intricate tale.

An Extravagant Delight for the Senses

Beth Cato weaves an enthralling and disquieting magic system around the art of cooking and savoring food. In this realm, cooking is a common skill, yet becoming a blessed chef necessitates divine intervention. Ada’s and Solenn’s narratives offer contrasting perspectives, with Ada on the run from her military past and Solenn being wedded off for political gain. However, their paths converge, plunging them into a race against time, oppression, and capricious gods who view food as both a plaything and a weapon.

An Exquisite Voyage

A Thousand Recipes for Revenge takes readers on an extraordinary journey that defies expectations. What commences as a military fantasy unfolds into a tale brimming with enigma, suspense, and unforeseen twists. Ada and Solenn emerge as captivating heroines, each grappling with their own obstacles and triumphs. The world-building incorporates elements reminiscent of esteemed authors such as Lois McMaster Bujold, Jenn Lyons, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Jacqueline Carey, while the distinct magic system permeates every facet of the narrative. This mesmerizing novel will undoubtedly leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment, A Feast for Starving Stone, scheduled for release in January.

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