A Chat with Paul Liebrandt: Exploring the Future of Cooking

In the bustling culinary scene of NYC 2009, we had the privilege of sitting down for a chat with the renowned chef Paul Liebrandt. With a career spanning 17 years, Liebrandt’s innovative cooking has captivated food enthusiasts around the world. We delved into his experiences, his influences, and his thoughts on the future of gastronomy.

A Chat with Paul Liebrandt: Exploring the Future of Cooking
A Chat with Paul Liebrandt: Exploring the Future of Cooking

Cooking for Mentors and Icons

When asked about the most nerve-wracking moment in his career, Liebrandt immediately mentioned his mentor, whom he recently had the pleasure of cooking for. This was the same person he worked for in Paris during his formative years as a young chef. Cooking for someone who played a significant role in shaping his culinary journey was both exhilarating and nerve-racking. Despite the pressure, Liebrandt crafted an impressive 18-course culinary experience, showcasing his creativity and skills.

Dreaming Beyond the Kitchen

Beyond cooking for mentors, Liebrandt’s imagination stretched to new heights. When asked about his fantasy person to cook for, he playfully pondered the idea of hosting a table of extraordinary individuals. From the enigmatic Voldemort to the charismatic Winston Churchill and the wise Buddha, Liebrandt relished the thought of engaging in stimulating conversation and creating an unforgettable dining experience. Such a gathering would undoubtedly be an extraordinary and dynamic affair.

The Evolution of Culinary Creativity

Liebrandt is renowned for his inventive cooking and pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisine. However, he clarifies that he does not align himself with the molecular gastronomy movement. Instead, he describes his approach as “open food” or having an open mind about culinary possibilities. For Liebrandt, creativity serves as a powerful tool for chefs throughout history. He draws inspiration from trailblazers like Antoine Karem and Escoffier, who defied conventions and paved the way for culinary innovation. By embracing an open-minded approach, Liebrandt believes that the possibilities for the future of cooking are endless.

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Trends Shaping the Culinary Landscape

Liebrandt shares his insights on the evolving culinary landscape. He envisions a world where food becomes increasingly global, influenced by a variety of cuisines and techniques. With access to a vast range of ingredients and ideas from around the world, chefs have the freedom to experiment and create unique culinary experiences. Simultaneously, he acknowledges the counterbalance of local and sustainable practices. The growing trend of utilizing locally sourced produce reflects a shift towards supporting local farmers and reducing environmental impact. Liebrandt foresees this trend continuing to develop in the coming years, as the culinary world strives for both global inspiration and local sustainability.


1. What is Paul Liebrandt known for?
Paul Liebrandt is renowned for his inventive and boundary-pushing approach to cooking. His culinary creations captivate diners with their creativity and attention to detail.

2. Who is Paul Liebrandt’s mentor?
Liebrandt’s mentor is someone he worked for in Paris during his early years as a chef. While Liebrandt did not sweat, their recent visit to his restaurant brought back memories of their time together.

3. What is “open food” according to Paul Liebrandt?
“Open food” is Liebrandt’s term to describe his approach to cooking. It signifies having an open mind about food and embracing creativity as a powerful tool for culinary exploration.


Paul Liebrandt’s passion for cooking and his innovative outlook on the culinary world is truly inspiring. As he continues to push the boundaries of traditional cuisine, his imaginative approach and commitment to open-mindedness provide a glimpse into the future of cooking. With Liebrandt’s guidance, we can navigate a world of possibilities, where global influences and sustainable practices intertwine, creating a truly remarkable culinary experience.

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