5 Innovative Cheese Gadgets: Tested and Reviewed

Welcome to Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, where we take the art of cooking to the next level. Today, we dive into the world of cheese gadgets and test their effectiveness. Our design expert, Dan, with 40 years of experience in creating kitchen tools, puts five cheese gadgets to the test and shares his expert opinions. Let’s find out which ones are worth adding to your culinary arsenal.

5 Innovative Cheese Gadgets: Tested and Reviewed
5 Innovative Cheese Gadgets: Tested and Reviewed

Rotary Cheese Grater: Fast and Consistent

Rotary Cheese Grater

The rotary cheese grater is designed to make grating cheese a breeze. With a simple turn of the crank, this gadget promises quick and consistent results. Dan tests it with different types of cheese and is impressed by its efficiency. The rotary grater effortlessly shreds cheese, leaving no chance for any piece to survive. It outperforms a traditional box grater in terms of speed and consistency. Dan rates it a perfect five out of five for effectiveness.

Fondoodler Cheese Gun: A Creative Disappointment

Fondoodler Cheese Gun

The Fondoodler cheese gun aims to be a cheese artist’s dream come true, functioning as a hot glue gun for cheese. However, Dan’s experience with this gadget falls short of his expectations. While it does melt the cheese and allow for creative designs, the output is uneven and chunky. The cheese gun lacks a continuous flow, making precise artwork a challenge. Dan rates the Fondoodler a disappointing one out of five for effectiveness.

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Slicester Cheese Slicer: A Mediocre Performer

Slicester Cheese Slicer

The Slicester Cheese Slicer aims to simplify the cheese slicing process with a one-motion downward slice. While it does its job, Dan finds it to be no better than using a regular kitchen knife. The slices are relatively even, but it lacks the wow factor. Dan rates it a two out of five for effectiveness, as it fails to impress.

Handheld Cheese Mill: Slow and Plastic-y

Handheld Cheese Mill

The handheld cheese mill operates with a twisting motion, similar to a pepper mill. Dan finds it to be reliable for grating cheese, but the slow output and plastic construction are disappointing. It struggles to match the performance of a standard handheld grater. Dan rates it a two out of five for effectiveness.

Adjustable Grater Slicer: Flawed Design

Adjustable Grater Slicer

The adjustable grater slicer offers the versatility of both slicing and grating cheese. However, its design flaws hinder its effectiveness. The blades are not staggered, which leads to inefficient cutting and a wasted opportunity for improved performance. Dan suggests redesigning the gadget with staggered blades and a wider landing area for the cheese. He rates it a one out of five for effectiveness.


Q: Can I trust the ratings and reviews provided by Dan?
A: Absolutely! Dan, with his extensive experience in kitchen gadget design, provides honest and reliable evaluations of each cheese gadget’s performance.

Q: Are these cheese gadgets suitable for home use or professional kitchens?
A: The tested cheese gadgets are suitable for both home use and professional kitchens. However, their effectiveness may vary based on individual preferences and requirements.

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Q: Are there any recommended alternatives to these cheese gadgets?
A: While some of the tested gadgets may not meet expectations, there are plenty of reliable alternatives available. Traditional box graters and handheld graters are excellent choices for grating cheese, while a good quality kitchen knife works well for slicing.


In the world of cheese gadgets, only one truly shines. The rotary cheese grater proves to be the star, offering speed and consistency in grating cheese. However, the Fondoodler cheese gun, Slicester cheese slicer, handheld cheese mill, and adjustable grater slicer fall short of delivering exceptional performance.

When it comes to choosing cheese gadgets, it’s essential to consider functionality, effectiveness, and ease of use. Don’t settle for mediocrity in the kitchen—choose gadgets that elevate your culinary experience. Stay hooked for more insights and expert reviews from Hook’d Up Bar and Grill.

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